Innofactor has both Group Management and country-specific management teams.
Our Board of Directors consists of four members.

Group Management

Sami Ensio
President and CEO,
Country Manager, Finland,
Country Manager, Sweden (acting)
+358 50 584 2029

Jørn Ellefsen
Managing Director, Country Manager,
Innofactor Norway
+47 90 56 15 72

Janne Heikkinen
EVP, Products and Services
+358 40 768 4980

Markku Puolanne
+358 400 694 114

Vesa Syrjäkari
EVP, Business Development
and Operational Excellence,
Country Manager, Denmark (acting)
+358 500 316 346

Michaela Skrabb
General Counsel
+358 40 724 5282

Lasse Lautsuo
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
+358 50 480 1597

Board Members from left to right: Sami Ensio, Anna Lindén, Risto Linturi and Pekka Eloholma (Chairman of the Board).

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