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Cloud-based data repository enables versatile analysis

FootBalance's new cloud-based data warehouse solution makes it possible to combine data from multiple sources and automate data integration in a cost-effective manner

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Customer story: FootBalance

FootBalance traces its story back to 2003, when Erkki Hakkala, a physiotherapist specializing in podiatry, decided to develop a more modern and cost-effective method for helping patients. FootBalance wants to provide all 13 billion feet around the world with customized insoles that promote health and physical activity. The company is engaged in continuous development and innovation efforts.

FootBalance has grown rapidly, and the company's insoles are now sold on six continents, in over 50 countries, by more than 1,500 retailers.

Cloud-based data warehouse enables the analysis of sales and measurement results

Invenco (now part of Innofactor) built a cloud-based data warehouse for FootBalance with a quick and agile implementation that increases efficiency and speed with regard to the analysis and reporting of sales and measurement results.

The new data warehouse solution combines data from multiple sources and automates data integration in a cost-effective manner. The technologies used were Azure Blog Storage, Data Factory, SQL DB and solution monitoring with alerts. In connection with the solution, a highly effective Power BI data model was created, which FootBalance can use to independently build versatile analysis functionality. Going forward, Invenco will take the role of an assisting consultant, providing support to FootBalance as needed.

The costs of the Azure Cloud solution are predictable and easy to monitor

The solution was based on the Reporting-as-a-ServiceTM concept developed by Invenco. Reporting-as-a-ServiceTM is a concept that is based on the Azure Cloud service, which can also include a maintenance and small-scale development service for the solution, according to the customer's needs. The customer gains access to a customized service package with a "one-stop shop" principle, and the costs of the cloud service are predictable and easy to monitor.

"I'm pleased that we were quickly able to put together a reporting solution that we can continue to develop independently," says Analyst Janne Saarinen from Footbalance Systems Oy.

"I'm pleased that we were quickly able to put together a reporting solution that we can continue to develop independently."

Janne Saarinen
Footbalance Systems

How it was done

The following solutions, among others, are part of the overall solution implemented for FootBalance:

Invenco is now part of Innofactor

On June 30, 2022, Innofactor acquired the entire share capital of Invenco Oy, a privately owned company specializing in data solutions. As of July 1, 2022, Invenco Oy's name was changed to Innofactor Invenco Oy. Invenco's employees continue their work with the new company. The roles and duties of Invenco's experts remained unchanged.

Please refer to our stock exchange release for more information on the acquisition.

Stock exchange release: Innofactor acquires Invenco

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