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Hilma, the Online Notices Channel for Public Procurement

– a More User-Friendly Service for Both Procurers and Bidders

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Case Hansel

Hansel Oy is a joint public procurement unit responsible for tendering, making and maintaining comprehensive public procurement contracts in Finland. In addition, Hansel is responsible for marketing contracts to customers in co-operation with contracting suppliers. Hansel has a total of approximately 90 ongoing framework agreements and dynamic procurement systems, with approximately 500 contracting suppliers selected through competitive tendering. Since 2015, Hansel has been responsible for the government’s e-tendering service. Hansel employs around 100 people.

Hilma ( is an online channel for notices on public procurement where procurement units publish notices on public tendering procedures. Companies get real-time information on ongoing tenders and advance information on upcoming tenders from Hilma. There was a need to overhaul the Hilma service, because the service, which has been in use since 2007, had become technically obsolete. In addition, the functions of the service needed to be modernized. Hansel has been commissioned by the Ministry of Finance to carry out the modernization of Hilma.

In December 2018, Hansel selected Innofactor as the supplier of the reform through a public procurement competition. Innofactor’s agile solution is based entirely on modern Azure PaaS technologies and it was implemented using DevOps protocols. The new solution makes it easier than ever to publish new notices and find previously published ones. Help is available for choosing the right form, a previous notice can be selected as a template for a new notice and an already published notice can be edited. The bidder, on the other hand, can search for notices more conveniently and order notices matching their search criteria to be sent directly to their inbox. The service was launched in January 2020 and development is still ongoing.

"The new Hilma simplifies work related to public procurements and improves the user experience by making it easier to submit procurement notices and find interesting notices. In addition, the information can be better exploited for statistical and analytical purposes as national procurement notices are now in line with EU procurement notices. We are very pleased with the co-operation with Innofactor. The project has progressed on schedule and the collaboration has been easy and hassle-free."

Mikko Saavalainen
Chief Digital Officer

"The project has progressed on schedule and the collaboration has been easy and hassle-free."

Mikko Saavalainen
Chief Digital Officer

How it was done

The following solutions and technologies, among others, are a part of of the overall solution delivered to Hansel:

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