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Continuous learning assessment and student self-assessments

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Modern education requires new tools

The way teachers teach at schools is currently ongoing a transition from teacher led education to more student centric methods. With the new methods the students are required to be more active instead of passively absorbing information. The new methods also require students to reflect on their own learning, which can be things like how much they have learned, was the learning method suitable for them, and did they use 21st century skills. While these assessments can be done on paper, a digital tool brings this valuable information visible in a much more powerful way. To answer this need, Innofactor developed a continuous assessment and student self-assessment tool.

Quick feedback loop from students to teacher

Teacher Piia Martikainen at Torkinmäki School has used the tool created by Innofactor with her students. She really likes having a quick feedback loop from students. "As students assess themselves after our learning sessions, I get a good sense of how well each student has learned," says Martikainen. "I can also quickly see if there is something, we need to return to during the next learning session. It is also nice to see whether the students enjoyed themselves while learning."

Improved self-assessment and new discussions

In addition, Martikainen has noticed that by simply doing the self-assessments regularly, students have become better at assessing themselves. "With the graphical representation of the results, I can easily see how the whole class assesses itself and can dig deeper into the results individually for each student. If I do not agree with some student's own assessments, I can easily address this personally with the student," Martikainen says. "After taking the assessment tool into use, I have had a lot of productive discussions with my students, much more than before."

"We had very fruitful discussions about assessment while developing the tool. Even if learning assessment is a moving target, Innofactor was nicely able to extract the essentials and bring up good and implementable ideas."

Piia Martikainen
Torkinmäki School

How it was done

The following solutions and technologies, among others, are a part of of the overall solution delivered to Torkinmäki School:

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