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In Innofactor we have a Nordic professional community, which is made up from variety of backgrounds, expertise and experience. We develop ourselves by learning from others and by sharing the knowledge and ideas within our professional network. We want you to build your career within Innofactor and we support that by encouraging internal movement and collaboration across Nordics. We are proud of what we do for our customers and want to showcase that to others.

Without our people we wouldn't be here today. We have grown via acquisitions and through uniting professionals from Nordic countries under the same umbrella. Our employees are eager to learn, which is visible in the number of Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and number of professional certificates our employees hold. With us you join the community of world class experts.

Our teams want to have fun and create friendships that last for life. We support free-time activities and networking in the form of events and hobby clubs. We  embrace the Nordic network through focused virtual teams and common leaning activities via Innofactor Academy.

Henri Hietala, Senior Architect

After completing my Engineering studies, I met couple of Innofactor employees in a training course and decided to join Innofactor as a full-stack developer.  I had previous experience from a smaller software company and as freelancer. After few years my role started to evolve towards Solution Architect role. That role felt like the best match for me, as I get a possibility to work very closely with the customers, gain deeper understanding of their industries and technologies, and solve their critical business challenges.

Just recently I moved to newly formed New Tech team. My team is responsible for studying and testing newest technological solutions with existing and potential new customers. Through small proof-of-concept projects we are aiming to scale the solutions for larger projects.

During my free time I'm a passionate golf player. When golfing, as well as working at Innofactor, I like to challenge myself to exceed my goals and reach even better results. During the past five years I have always got new and exciting responsibilities. I feel that we have a big diversity of projects to choose from, varying from IoT to machine learning.

P.s. We have a frisbeegolf field at our Espoo Campus, where I'm currently holding the record – You are welcome to challenge me there!

Martin Busk Jensen,
Business Intelligence Senior Consultant and Team Lead

I joined Innofactor via trainee program, after which I was hired for a Consultant role. Few years later I was promoted to Senior Consultant role and in 2018 I started as a Team leader for Business Intelligence team.

I work mainly with Big Data and Analytics. I'm excited to see how one can gain deep understanding of a company or business line via data analytics. The most motivating part of this role is to get change to work very closely with customers and to learn about wide variety of different businesses: I work for instance with real estate, banking and local municipalities, which are all very different. I also like my new role as a team leader: I believe that we can get the best results from teams by offering everyone projects where they can learn and grow with their own speed.

On my spare time I play acoustic guitar in our local company band. One of my personal highlights from Innofactor: we have every year a company event, InSpirit, where all the employees from Nordic Countries are invited to Innofactor Espoo Campus. Two years ago, I found myself standing in front of hundreds of my colleagues, playing in the company party. The response we got from the audience was very inspirational: people were encouraging us by jumping around and dancing. It was such a great experience that I want to go back and do it again this year!

Kaisa Hangasluoma,
Consultant, Microsoft Dynamics 365

I started my Innofactor career in August 2017 as Solution Consultant and I'm mainly working in implementation and further development projects of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics AX. In addition, I have got a chance to get familiar with the new HR system, Dynamics 365 for Talent. We are using the Dynamics HR ourselves, which gives us a unique opportunity to gain deep understanding of the system. Before joining Innofactor, I was working for an ERP customer company and for me, it's been interesting to see the projects from a different perspective. My daily work consists of planning, designing, defining and testing ERP solutions for a variety of customer needs and consulting customers in ERP usage.

In Innofactor, I'm privileged to work with an amazing and extremely skilled team and in close contact with the customers. As a consultant you need to develop your own skills all the time and even in this short time that I have spent with Innofactor, I have learned a great deal. Project work suits me very well, as there is lot of variety and as the projects progress, you can see the results of your work and you get a feeling of constantly moving forward.

As a mother of a small child, I only have limited time for hobbies, but in my free time, I mostly enjoy travelling. With my team, we spend time together also outside of work in different activities, e.g. once we tried curling. I have also participated in Innofactor Fun Club activities (Fun Club = Innofactor hobby club).

Vesa Nopanen, MVP
Principal Consultant, Office 365

I have worked several years as a Senior Consultant and before that I have a long history in ICT sector. In my current role in New Business unit, I coach customers to get the most out from the possibilities with Office 365. In my day to day work Microsoft Teams and modern tools are a significant part of managing my work and collaborating with my colleagues. As part of my role, I'm active in social media and join conversations related to my interest and expertise areas. I also actively share what we are doing at Innofactor through blogging and tweeting. My dearest hobby is photographing, which I spend time with as often as possible. As in photo shooting, as consultant you need be able to consider several perspectives and see the world both from your side, but also from the customers side.

The best parts of my current role are the energetic colleagues and customers I get to work with. Interacting with different people gives me energy and encourages to innovate new ways of using modern collaboration tools. In our context it's not so relevant where you are physically located or where you live, we have very flexible working culture and most things you are do outside of the office. At the same time with us you don't need feel like you work alone, we share learnings with each other's, we collaborate and network across the company and with peers in other companies – we say: "sharing is caring".

Ine Brotun, Project Coordinator

I started working for the company in May 2017. I was completely inexperienced with IT as my background was from marketing and sales, thus the IT-industry seemed large and scary. I didn't think my previous experiences would be relevant, but I was wrong. The skills and competencies that I have learned through my education and in previous jobs have been beneficial and I truly believe I have grown tremendously in the past year that I have been with Lumagate, now Innofactor.

Only 10 minutes into my first day on the job I was placed in a meeting with Microsoft where I was told to work as a project manager for a large and very important upcoming project. It was scary, but fun, and it went really well. In the last year I have learned how be tough in customer negotiations, outer my opinions and have the guts to take on tasks I am not comfortable with.

What I like about my job the most is that no day is the same. My daily tasks vary and there is room to grow, develop and learn. As the only person working as Inside Sales, my role is varied. On a daily basis I deal with almost everyone in the company, from my sales team to consultants and to the marketing department in Finland. This cooperation works really well. I become even more engaged and motivated when I am able to make my own decisions, control my day to day schedule and challenge myself with tasks that seem extra difficult, but fun.

I am looking forward to continuing my development with Innofactor, to challenging myself and grow even more than what I have done already. I believe that I am able to do so, as Innofactor is invested in its employees and facilitates for them to be their best. In only one year I have gained good friends at work and the working environment is great. I always recommend Innofactor as an employer when I speak about what I do and where I work.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time in the gym, and I have previously competed in Bikini Fitness. At the moment I am having a break from competing, but the training is still very important to me. During the competitions I have had to be extremely dedicated and focused, and this is something I have carried into my current role. I enjoy working for Innofactor and I am looking forward to continuing my journey here.

Erik Monsen,
Business Development Manager

One day in May 2016 I received a call by Ken Robert Løken who is the Sales Director at Innofactor Norway. I had competed with Lumagate, now Innofactor, on several occasions previously so I knew their business well. I was impressed by the level of knowledge and due to their position in the market they were hard to beat.

Before my time in Innofactor, I had worked many years with technology sales aimed towards businesses. Since 2015 I have worked solely with Microsoft technology. I have worked within sales as a sales person and also as a sales leader. Previously, I was a project manager for a subsea-company when I at the same time completed an Executive Master of Management focusing on strategic business development, innovation and project leadership.

As an Account Executive (AE) my day consist of mainly activities related to our clients. Any additional time I spend on personal development. I work together with most of the people in my organisation, but especially our consultants where we discuss technology linked to our customer cases. How can we solve our customer's need in the best possible way? We constantly challenge ourselves to create new business opportunities for our clients. We have a fairly flat organisational structure and I like the fact that I can ask our CEO Stig if he can help open a door for me, and 30 minutes later the customer calls and asks for a meeting.

At Innofactor I get to use my whole spectrum of skills and experiences. My project leadership skills come in handy during the delivery phase when I together with the Service Manager and Consultant make sure that we deliver what the client is expecting with the highest possible quality. The reason why I chose to work with technology is because it exists in everything we do. IT is no longer just an office down the hall, IT is the source and brains of almost every business. From CRM / ERP to quality systems or design software. One can't do business development in 2018 without acknowledging the technological aspect.

Since I started in December 2017 I have learned a lot. I learn new things on a daily basis, and I keep being reminded that in this world you will never be fully graduate. I knew the level of expertise was high, but , but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it exceeded my expectations. The learning curve has been steep, but fun. What I particularly love about the job is that it challenges me from every angle. Those who work here have done a great job building the culture. The working environment is great and the people who work here are both fantastic and talented. It's also great socially, both at the office and nationally.

At Innofactor you have every opportunity to succeed. It is 100% up to you. At the moment, building up the West of Norway is my main focus. In the future, maybe I'll move into a Business Development role, who knows. What is the most important to me is to wake up every morning and feel like I am doing something meaningful with my time. Outside of work, besides from spending time with my family, I love fishing. A quite river, a dry fly rod and a couple of days alone makes me happy.

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