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Measuring the scout camp Kliffa’s carbon footprint with an IoT system

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17.08.2018 10:30 EEST (UTC +3)

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Organized in July by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Scouts and Guides, the Kliffa 2018 district camp was full of life. More than 5,500 scouts participated in the one-week camp held in Evo, the most popular scout camping area in southern Finland. In the middle of a traditional Finnish mixed forest, volunteers built a tiny village, complete with full infrastructure, where all the participants were able to spend time with their scout friends from near and far as well as meet new people.

Real-time consumption data provides real results for operational development

This year, the carbon footprint of Kliffa was measured precisely for the first time using an IoT system. The temperatures and humidity of the saunas, temperature of the refrigerated containers, water consumption, capacity of the portable toilets, and travel distances of the vehicles running in the camp area were all monitored daily. The sensors and network used in the measuring process were built by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Scouts and Guides, and Innofactor implemented the collection of data to the Microsoft Azure cloud server and the creation of Microsoft Power BI reports.

"We have always faced challenges with measuring the consumption of water, electricity, and the Internet on the campgrounds. Innofactor helped us to collect data from various instruments around the campsite," says Lauri Hållfast, Head of Infrastructure Services at the camp.

"We used various reporting views to monitor the temperature in the saunas, water consumption levels, and the remaining capacity of the outhouses, for example. We were able to see if an outhouse container was filling up and knew if corrective measures were needed," says Jouni Riuttanen, who worked as Kliffa's Service Center Operator.

In the long term, the data collected during the camp will be very valuable when analyzed. Visual reports are easy to read, and more sustainable camping activities can be developed for the future based on the collected data. The collected data was examined per day and per area; for example, the capacity of the outhouses was individually monitored throughout the camp.

The final report presented precise figures on, for example, the humidity and average temperatures of the saunas, based on which the placement of the saunas was considered successful this year. The travel distances of vehicles used on the camp site, in turn, indicated that most of the traffic was incurred on the final day of the camp. The most surprising figure in the final report was the water consumption: the camp consumed one million liters of water.

Scouts have what it takes to save the world

The basic principles of scouts include learning how to survive in nature and respecting the environment. Scout values reflect loving nature and protecting the environment.

"Scouts have what it takes to save the world. To that end, it is highly important for us to know what our carbon footprint was at the campsite. Our Cub Scouts and Adventurers will get to experience what type of an event Kliffa truly is in terms of consumption and the environment," Hållfast sums up.

"It was wonderful to help scouts to measure important factors. In this case, they provided the sensors and the network, and we helped to collect data and produce it in an easy-to-read, visual format. If you aren't a scout or a "do-it-yourself" type of person, we of course also provide the entire IoT package from hardware procurement and integrations to final reports with a turnkey delivery," says Jasu Jaranka, Innofactor's Business Architect.

More information about measuring and results

Jasu Jaranka, Business Architect, Innofactor Plc, +358 50 452 5629