Vesa Nopanen awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Office Apps & Services

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03.01.2019 13:45 CEST/EET (UTC +2)

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Innofactor's Modern Work Principal Consultant, Vesa Nopanen, has been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Office Apps & Services for 2019–2020. The recognition is an indication of his expertise in the IT sector as well as his significant contribution to the Microsoft community. Vesa is familiar to many of us from social media where he shares tips, tricks and news about Microsoft Teams with tags #TeamsTuesday, #TeamsDay and #TeamsTorstai (this one in Finnish). He also writes his own my TeamsDay blog around these topics and hosts Office 365 webinars. In Finland there are 23 MVPs in total and only two have been awarded in Office Apps & Services in addition to Vesa.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the "bleeding edge" and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. They have a very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems.

Who is MVP Vesa Nopanen?

Congratulations for the well-deserved award! How does it feel now?
"Thank you! I am greatly honored to receive the MVP Award. It feels great to be part of the wonderful MVP Community! Big thanks to all my supporters, this is one heck of a way to kickstart this year!"

Tell us about yourself, who is the guy behind the award?
"I believe that everyone who has heard me talking about my favorite topics knows I am really passionate about my work. I believe in continuous improvement and learning. Work-life balance and flexibility are really important to me, so these topics (modern work and Microsoft Teams) are a perfect match for me."

How did your career at Innofactor begin? What does your job description include?
"I began my Innofactor career as Principal Consultant in 2012. My position has always been flexible and that hasn't changed during these years, while the exact contents have varied according to the needs and my wishes. I coach customers to discover more benefits from our offering, mainly from Microsoft Office 365 – especially focusing on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. I am also involved in digitalization and business development projects. My ICT career began in 1995 as a developer and since then I have worked in multiple roles in many customer domains."

What is the best thing about your job?
"Best moments are when I can witness customers getting benefits from our solutions and my team's excellence creates value for them. Teamwork, both my and customers' teams, is one of the best things and I enjoy enormously when working with a brilliant team – co-creating solutions together."

What are your future plans, and will the award have an effect on them?
"I intent to continue to be on the "bleeding edge" of the development. I want to learn more and keep on sharing my knowledge to the community while producing creative and beneficial solutions to our customers. I expect that I will have more chances to be a presenter in seminars and I will find new acquaintances and friends in MVP community. MVP award is a key to vast global community, that opens doors for new possibilities to develop, learn and discover new and interesting technologies and ideas."

What is the MVP Award?

For more than two decades, the Microsoft MVP Award has been Microsoft's way of saying "Thanks!" to outstanding community leaders. The contributions MVPs make to the community, ranging from speaking engagements, to social media posts, to writing books, to helping others in online communities, have incredible impact.

Key benefits to MVPs include early access to Microsoft products, direct communication channels with Microsoft's product teams and an invitation to the Global MVP Summit, an exclusive annual event hosted in Microsoft's global HQ in Redmond. MVPs also have a very close relationship with the local Microsoft teams in their area, who are there to support and empower to address needs and opportunities in the local ecosystem.

MVPs make up a global community of over 4,000 technical experts and community leaders across 90 countries and are driven by their passion, community spirit, and quest for knowledge. Above all and in addition to their amazing technical abilities, MVPs are always willing to help others – that's what sets them apart.

Go and follow Vesa on Twitter @vesanopanen!

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