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Employee Journey

Your journey to a modern employee experience starts here.

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Empower your employees through personal engagement and modern collaboration tools to make their daily work more meaningful and productive

Digitalization has essentially changed the way we collaborate and work. A modern organization empowers its employees to effectively interact and collaborate with co-workers, customers and other stakeholders and provides them the skills and tools needed to access and share relevant data effectively and securely – regardless of time and place. As a result, its employees are both more productive, as well as more motivated and able to react to changes in customer needs and the organization's business environment.

Get Started with Innofactor Employee Experience Journey

As a leading Nordic provider of digitalization and cloud solutions and working closely with world class partners and leading Nordic customers such as Microsoft and Save the Children, we have the expertise to help your organization take the next step in digitalizing your employee experience.

Learn more about the five phases of Innofactor's Modern Employee Experience Journey below!


Journey Phases

Step 1: Storyboard – Evaluating your organization's current state and helping you shape a digital vision

Do you know how to provide your employees modern and user friendly IT tools that they really love to use?

Do you have too many ways for sharing files and documents?

Are your employees confused because they don't know which tools to use for what purpose?

Is it because needed information is hard to find?

Our solutions

  • We offer you modern, mobile Microsoft collaboration solutions with Innofactor add-ons and create customized Power Apps to take care of custom tasks cost effectively.
  • We help you to make clear decisions regarding which tools should be used for what purpose - and which not to.
  • We help you to design a clear information structure and to use leading search capabilities.

Your benefits

  • You will get understanding how to build a modern, mobile collaboration environment for your organization to increase employee satisfaction and attract the best talents.
  • You will learn the best methods for increasing organizational efficiency to help you understand which tools to use and how to make information easier to find.

What we deliver?

  • We help you decide on scope and focus of your journey.
  • We arrange workshops and create a Proof of Concept for you.
  • We will deliver a report with analysis about your current status and future opportunities as well as provide a demo system when it's relevant.


Step 2: Foundation – Defining the structure and governance needed to implement new solutions

Do you have a roadmap modernizing your collaboration tools and solutions?

Does your IT and business require more expertise in running cloud-based collaboration solutions, managing user rights and ensuring information security remains on a high level?

Is your organization handling personal information, but you're unsure how to do so in a GDPR compliant manner?

Our solutions

  • We deliver a high-level architecture view, key requirements and a roadmap for digitalizing your operations.
  • Our framework will help you define a cloud enablement process, organization, governance, and ensure you operate according to laws and regulations.
  • We facilitate workshops where your employees can increase their knowledge about modern collaboration solutions.

Your benefits

  • You get a blueprint for a modern mobile collaboration environment that's secure, easy to govern and meets your organizations' needs and objectives.
  • Your employees will get a better understanding of the opportunities that digital collaboration presents for improving their daily work.

What we deliver?

  • We help you to define the focus and scope for your new cloud based digital collaboration environment, host engaging workshops and create the needed plans for you.
  • We will design the right high level process and technical architecture, identify key requirements and roadmap and provide you all the needed documentation.


Step 3: Implementation and Delivery – Developing, tailoring and deploying the solution based on proven concepts and platforms

Are your IT projects always late or over budget?

Has your IT provider trouble providing you the needed resources?

Does your IT provider fail to fully understand your business, employees and customers?

Our solutions

  • Our modern cloud-based collaboration tools, Innofactor architecture and modern delivery model guarantee your new environment and solutions are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Our flexible Nordic resource pool ensures you get the right people for your project.
  • We understand our customers' business, industries, employees and customers, and have a great communication model that ensures you stay on top of what's happening throughout the whole implementation.

Your benefits

  • You will save time and money as your collaboration environment and solutions are delivered according to scope and plan.
  • You stay on top of what's happening with our delivery and can react to changes fast and effectively.
  • You will get a secure, scalable collaboration environment that fits your employees' needs makes everyday work more effective and fun.

What we deliver?

  • We offer PRINCE2-based project delivery models including agile SCRUM, semi-agile SureStep and traditional Waterfall options (complete, standard and light levels) – we will help you select the best model for your needs.
  • We will deliver a comprehensive documentation including e.g. project plans, technical, information security and testing documents.
  • The end result is a collaboration environment that works perfectly for your employees' needs.


Step 4: Adoption – Focusing on ensuring that your organization and users adopt the new solution so that its benefits are fully realized

Are your employees reluctant to start using new tools and still prefer sending emails and storing files on their hard PC's drive?

Do your employees use collaboration tools in different ways than planned, and because of that information is hard to find?

Does it take too much time to get benefits from your IT investments, or is it hard to measure them?

Our solutions

  • We emphasize users' motivation (e.g. highlighting key benefits), training, hands on support and usage, especially in the beginning of the use of the new collaboration environment.
  • We help you create a playbook for using your new solutions correctly and effectively.
  • We co-create a benefit plan with you that details how the benefits of your new solution should be realized and measured.

Your benefits

  • Work becomes easier for your employees and their user satisfaction is improved as new collaboration tools are effectively used and information is easier to find and share.
  • Workload for your IT-support is lower. You start seeing return for your investment faster.

What we deliver?

  • We support you in motivating your employees by highlighting the key benefits of the new solutions, training them and giving hands on support when needed.
  • Our adoption and user engagement programs help you nominate produtivity champions accross the organization who help their colleagues and collaborate together to continuously develop the ways of working.
  • We will deliver a benefit plan and training materials including videos.


Step 5: Managed Services and Continuous Development – Ensuring the solution is continuously managed and developed and meets the organizations future needs

Is it hard to keep up with new features in e.g. Microsoft Office 365 and realize benefits from new fast developing solutions?

Do new tools and features continuously confuse you and your employees so much so that it becomes unclear what's the right way to do things?

Is keeping your governance, access control identity management processes up to date challenging and time consuming?

Our solutions

  • We help you with keeping your governance, information security and identity management processes up to date with changing business needs.
  • Our managed service and continuous development process takes care of both updating your solution, as well as the playbook and user documentation.
  • We also offer re-training your employees as a part of our service.

Your benefits

  • Your collaboration environment and productivity tool portfolio always fits your current business situation and your employees' needs.
  • You will save time and money by enabling your IT and developers to focus on their core tasks and support your business objectives.
  • We help you to choose the right licensing model and structure when your organization grows, so you won't pay for things you don't need or use.

What we deliver?

  • We offer reliable managed cloud service including all updates and 24/7 service.
  • We also offer continuous development service with an updated roadmap, a dedicated service manager and a solution specialist to help you maximize your benefits.
  • We deliver system updates, updated roadmaps, benefit plan documents, training materials and videos.


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