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Make decisions based on data, not gut feeling

Innofactor DataSight™ provides near real-time analytics and reporting based on  data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and any other relevant data sources.

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70% of organizations think they do not fully utilize their data

No wonder, given the vast amounts of data organizations produce internally and the ever growing amount of new relevant open and external data sources. Not to mention that most organizations face challenges in recruiting analytics brain power, sich as data scientists and analysts.

We've built Innofactor DataSight, a cost-efficient packaged solution to help our clients to address these challenges:

  • Data available for decision-making is outdated and viewed too infrequently
  • Collected data is not effectively used for data-driven decision making by the leadership, but only for building dashboards
  • Only internal data is utilized effectively, whereas external and open data sources remain an untapped opportunity

Leading Microsoft Cloud Competence and Over 3 Years of Development Packaged for Your Benefit

  • Innofactor DataSight was developed over 3 years leveraging our experience in building analytics for complex multi-national service business
  • Significant investments were made in report usability and management user experience in order to provide faster time-to-insight
  • With our strong expertise in Microsoft platforms, we've been able to squeeze our solution's deployment cycle for our customers using e.g. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP solutions into just a few months

Examples of DataSight Sales reports

Examples of DataSight Finance Reports

Ready-made Benefits for Management, Finance and ICT

  • All relevant management metrics and KPI's visible provide management with the ability to quickly react to market changes
  • Real-time visibility to key financials saves finance teams hours and days of reporting and analysis time
  • A modern Microsoft Azure solution architecture helps ICT to ensure the needed scalability, security and cost-effective deployment and use

Out-of-the-box Benefits for the Business, Sales, Marketing and HR

  • Segmentable and real-time visibility of key business area figures
  • Sales and lead pipeline tracking on business unit, product are or sales person level
  • Marketing impact analysis including direct and indirect influence to sales pipeline and revenue
  • Real-time visibility into key personnel figures and HR metrics

Innofactor DataSight Architecture

Over 100 ready-made reports to serve different business functions

DataSight to provides your team with over 100 ready-made reports, such as

  • KPI-reports
  • Sales reports
  • Finance reports
  • HR-reports
  • Project reports
  • Other customized reports

We can provide you with the reports you need as well as provide customization services for tailoring reports to your business needs if required.

Connectors for Microsoft Applications and over 80+ other sources

Our expertise in Microsoft Business Applications (CRM, ERP and others), both on-prem and cloud, as well as Azure Synapse and Data Lake has enabled us to build effective and tested connectors that enable you to fresh near-real-time data for decision making, including

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sales
  • ..and over 80 other sources including Azure services, databases, data warehouses, file storages and other services & apps, with more coming available all the time!

Sales Pro

900 € /month

+ Onboarding + Azure consumption (Starting from 400 €)

  • Near-real-time Integration with D365 Sales
  • Azure Data Lake Configuration
  • Innofactor standard DW Schemas for Azure Synapse
  • Access to standard Sales reports
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Sales & Finance Pro

1350 € /month

+ Onboarding + Azure consumption (Starting from 400 €)

  • Near-real-time Integration with D365 Finance
  • Azure Data Lake Configuration
  • Innofactor standard DW Schemas for Azure Synapse
  • Access to standard Sales reports
  • Access to standard Finance reports
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Enterprise Custom

500 €* /source/month

+ Onboarding + Azure consumption (Starting from 400 €) *Price for first data source Additional data sources 450 €/month

  • Near-real-time Integration with D365 Finance & Sales and any of over 80 sources
  • Azure Data Lake Configuration
  • Innofactor standard DW Schemas for Azure Synapse
  • Custom Schemas based on your needs
  • Access to standard Finance or Sales reports
  • Custom reports and dashboards based on your needs
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