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Secure your cloud platform and solutions with powerful cybersecurity monitoring services

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Security operations center (SOC) ensures your business continuity

Organizations require visibility over their cybersecurity posture and ability to react quickly to any incidents that might occur. Larger organizations have resources to monitor their environments either by an internal team or by an external partner, traditionally referred to as a SOC (Security Operations Center).

SOC is often staffed by security professionals who use various tools and technologies to detect and mitigate cyber threats by monitoring the organization's networks, systems, and applications for signs of potential security incidents. When a security event is detected, the team will quickly investigate the incident to determine the scope and impact of the attack and take appropriate measures to contain and remediate the incident. Modern cloud-native services, like Sentinel and clever automation, enable organizations to reach similar capability with a fraction of the cost and resources.

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Intelligent Security Analytics with Microsoft Sentinel

Modern security requires ability to detect and remove threats long before they become a risk. Innofactor's services powered with Microsoft Sentinel SIEM solution are designed to provide visibility and control scaling across your IT environment.

With Microsoft Sentinel it is possible to establish a robust security system without heavy investments compared to traditional SIEM solutions. Innofactor can help you secure your infrastructure with proactive services of Sentinel, including automated threat detection and response with multiple connectors to various data sources. We will help you set up and adjust Sentinel to work best for your needs.

Comprehensive Security with Innofactor Managed Detection and Response as-a-Service

Innofactor Managed Detection and Response as-a-Service (MDRaaS) is a service that combines cloud-native SIEM with highly professional security team. Our service combines automation and scalability of Sentinel with professional insights of our security team, providing you a highly secure stance of your environment. With Innofactor MDRaaS, we help you guard your infrastructure using advanced benefits provided by the cloud.

  • Faster and intelligent threat detection and response with AI
  • Innofactor Security Team to monitorfor anomalies that require personnel actions
  • Log data monitoring from various sources; from logs in cloud/on-premises infrastructure, users, devices and applications
  • Detection of previously identified threats and minimizing false positives using analysis and threat intelligence from Microsoft
  • Investigation of threats suspicious activities on a large scale with AI
  • Quick response to events with built automation of common tasks

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