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Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

Deploy, manage, and optimize your Kubernetes clusters, containers, and applications with the Nordic's leading Microsoft Azure partner

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Do you want to build and run modern applications with speed, scalability, and reliability?

Then you're in the right place, because Kubernetes on Azure is the solution you need, and Innofactor is the partner you can trust. Innofactor can help you deploy, manage, and optimize your Kubernetes clusters, containers, and applications, leveraging the best practices and tools of Azure.

Lower the barriers to modernisation

Our pre-built Kubernetes platform templates for Azure help you cut through planning cycles and reduce cloud-native application delivery times from months to just weeks. You can leverage our proven expertise and best practices to accelerate your modernization journey and avoid common pitfalls.


Actionable guidance for ongoing management

Hands-on experience and upskilling prepares you for day-2 management of the DevOps platform and containerized applications. We provide you with the necessary skills and tools to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your Kubernetes clusters and workloads on Azure.

Scalable and secure platform for experimentation

Kubernetes Landing zone uses Azure best practices, including built in security concepts and preferred CI tooling – so it's production-grade before your first workload goes live. You can easily scale up or down your clusters and applications to meet your changing business needs and ensure compliance and security.


Enterprise-ready framework for additional modernization

Cycles a ready-to-manage DevOps platform and pilot containerized application enables you to continue along your modernization journey. You can use our framework to migrate, refactor, or rearchitect your existing applications or build new ones using Kubernetes and Azure services.

Co-delivered workshops and labs

We partner with Microsoft Azure to provide hands-on practical experience using Kubernetes to build and deploy containers. You can learn from our experts and get direct feedback and support on your Kubernetes projects.


Container adoption deep dive and roadmap

After assessing your container readiness, we outline adoption considerations and provide a high-level ROI and next steps for replatforming. You can get a clear vision and strategy for your containerization journey and understand the benefits and challenges of Kubernetes on Azure.

Deploy Kubernetes cluster, applications and tooling

We architect, deploy and configure a best practices Kubernetes cluster, containerize and deploy your proof-of-concept application and configure CI/CD tools and GitOps to support the platform and application. You can get a fully functional and secure Kubernetes environment on Azure with minimal effort and time.


Deployment runbooks

We provide guidance and documentation for cluster deployment and maintenance to enable your ongoing modernization efforts. You can follow our step-by-step instructions and best practices to manage your Kubernetes clusters and applications on Azure with confidence and ease.

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