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Tabella – modernize your financial planning with the help of a cost-efficient software solution

Tabella is a comprehensive tool for analysis, reporting and planning in the context of organizational management and operational finances

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Why Tabella?

Tabella Business Tools can be used for a wide range of planning and calculation activities, allowing you to carry out cost monitoring, cost budgeting, sales forecasts, recipe calculations and all other internal calculations efficiently within a single system.

Tabella can be integrated with various ERP, CRM and financial management systems. We support multiple database connections, database software and other data sources and file formats. Tabella can access data in a data warehouse (such as master data), and data can also be transferred to a data warehouse. You can use Tabella on your own server or as a cloud service.

Tabella's benefits

Reporting and analysis

With Tabella, long-form and short-form reports as well as various ad hoc queries are only a few clicks away. A single report can be used to present actual figures, enter plans and analyze the differences between them, making the reporting and planning highly coherent.


Tabella covers all areas and time spans of planning. Tabella makes it possible to securely and efficiently decentralize forecasting and budgeting by allocating tasks to the persons responsible within the organization. All data is updated on Tabella, making it easy to monitor and fine tune the development of budgets and forecasts.

Group accounting

Tabella includes tools for various areas of group accounting: operational reporting, eliminations and financial statements. Material from different business units can be easily examined from different perspectives, both separately and combined, which makes group accounting processes faster and more transparent.

Innofactor's experienced Tabella consultants take business needs into consideration

Our expertise combines technical management with broad experience in the development of business control in challenging multi-supplier environments. Our experienced consultants also work "under the hood" and implement industry-leading projects for our customers.

Our experience ensures that we can provide our customers with state-of-the-art tools and methods based on business needs.

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