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Innofactor developing new innovations with the City of Espoo

Innofactor Dynasty information and case menagement

Case City of Espoo

Iso Omena Service Center is a new service concept of a municipal services hub in a shopping centre. The Service Center has ten different service units ranging from Kela to child health clinic and health centre. Innofactor, a leading Nordic provider of digitalization and cloud solutions, is taking part in the Service Center's Agile pilots program. Innofactor's pilot project's focus is on speech recognition and chatbot technology's suitability for customer guidance.

Innofactor's solution has been designed to provide answers to customers' questions regarding the locations of the Service Center's service units. The City of Espoo thinks that it is very important that customers find their way to the Service Center's different units easily.

"We had an open search for ideas from different companies, keeping an eye on our development needs. Innofactor offered a robotics solution", says Veera Vihula, the City of Espoo's project manager. "These types of projects are called Agile pilots. It means that we try to accelerate new ideas into concepts and develop them as far as possible with our customers in only a few months", she continues.

An understanding of the customer's needs

Innofactor understood the nature of the agile pilots very well. The idea of agile pilots is not about purchasing a ready-made product or solution but developing a concept together. At the beginning of the project, Innofactor set up a workshop to map out what would be the most frequently questions presented to the customer guidance solution.

"Innofactor understood the connection between robotics and customer service. The cooperation has been going well and our questions are being answered quickly", says Vihula.

"Innofactor's know-how seems very versatile – they have an understanding of what kind of an operator the city is. In the end, we are quite a big organization, so it has been a pleasure to notice that Innofactor has the capacity to understand our customers' needs", she continues.

Flexible collaboration

The best thing about Innofactor's way of working is that the collaboration has been flexible, smooth and done in good mutual understanding. The City of Espoo feels that developments such as the agile pilots are important because in the long run they can turn into great things.

"The customer guidance concept and technology are being tested in the beginning of the year, so we are still in the starting phase. At the Iso Omena Service Center, we are pursuing to operate in a customer-centric way, focusing on the citizen. We continuously want to develop, create and learn new things", she states in the end.

"Innofactor understood the connection between robotics and customer service."

Veera Vihula
Project Manager
City of Espoo

How it was done

The following solutions and technologies, among others, are a part of of the overall solution delivered to the City of Espoo:

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