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New case management system made day-to-day operations smoother for the city of Lahti

Innofactor Dynasty 10 is easy to use and can be integrated with multiple information systems

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Customer story: city of Lahti

Known for sports, Lahti is one of the largest cities in Finland with a population of 120,000. The city is also known internationally for its environmental and design expertise as well as high-quality culture services.

Lahti was the European Green Capital 2021 and it is also the most recent university city in Finland.

Streamlined decision-making with Innofactor Dynasty 10

City of Lahti wanted to streamline decision-making with a new case management system and selected Innofactor's Dynasty 10 as the new case management solution in a tendering process. Dynasty scored the highest points in the assessment of usability.

The new case management system has a particular  emphasis on ease of use, which has reduced time spent on training and made it possible to engage the users to the organization's common operating practices.


The new case management solution reduces manual work

The new case management system's integrations with several other information systems reduce manual work and extend fully digital processes. Lahti has focused on process modeling for decades, which is reflected in streamlined decision-making workflows. Dynasty 10 takes the individual needs of the city's employees into account by allowing each user to customize their desktop view to suit their job tasks.

Lahti chose the Microsoft Azure cloud as the platform for case management. Azure's high level of data security, scalability in response to changes in capacity, seamless integration with Microsoft productivity tools and the opportunity to take advantage of Azure services, such as machine-learning automation solutions, ensure the ability to respond to changing challenges in the future.


How it was done

The following technologies were a part of city of Lahti's solution:

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