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Case processing into shape with the help of Innofactor

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Case Population Register Centre

Dealing with Population Register Centre (PRC) in the past was an inefficient, manual and long process. The customer had to send PRC a paper application, that was deliver to the registry. Subsequently, PRC created a paper document of the authorization decision, which was then signed and scanned. The scanned document was sent back to the customer. The client printed the decision on a paper, signed it and sent the scanned version back to PRC, where the document was printed out again and sent to the archive. Information about customers' actions wasn't comprehensively available.

"We had over 20 permission and contract processes, which we handled on printed form together with organizations from the private and public sector. When a single process contained more documents, the forms' total amount reached quite high levels", says Population Register Centre's development manager, Pauli Pekkanen.

Leaving inefficiency in the past

Population Register Centre built an electronic case and customer relationship management system in collaboration with Innofactor. "Electronic case management eliminates all unnecessary printing from the process. This change alone streamlines our processes significantly."

The system is integrated with PRC's operative functions, like invoicing. The integration removes  extra phases and speeds up the process. The system is closely integrated with CRM.  This allows the organization to use its customer data to personalize their encounters with clients. "Consequently, the processes are more efficient.  Now we don't have to manually enter data to different systems." Electronic case management system saves all the received applications. When the authorization decision is made, the document will automatically be saved in the electronic archive. "This is another step that saves us a lot of working time."

Pekkanen says that the quality of the customer data improves at the same time. "Before, data maintenance was irregular and dispersed. Everyone had their own way of entering information into the system. For example, some employees filled out the phone number information, while some didn't. Information was updated irregularly, if updated at all." Now, all clients have to set up their own account in the system. Customer data is automatically searched from the company register and will be saved to PRC's customer register.

Smoothly over the finish line

The system was implemented with the help of Scrum model, which focuses on evaluating and rethinking the process based on feedback and close cooperation. "I have been pleased with the implementation model. Thanks to full transparency, we were able to follow the process closely and correct process steps easily if needed. Innofactor's team gave us new ideas on how to develop the system. This is how we got additional efficiency out of the system."

Innofactor sent a team of five members to PRC's facilities. " The project was built on mutual trust. The project didn't face any situations, when we couldn't talk openly with the customer," says Antti Pohjolainen from Innofactor.

" During the project, Innofactor's team made use of a Scrum model, which is all about regularly evaluating the project's development and discussing about further actions. Many PRC's employees participated in the system development, so that the system would truly support their daily tasks," Pohjolainen praises. "This way we had full visibility of the most critical functionalities. When the implementation was approaching, most of PRC's employees were already familiar with the system."

Thanks to an engaging project, the implementation was a breeze. "When a couple of months had passed, the requests for assistance decreased and employees were using the system with confidence."

"Innofactor's team have us new ideas on how to develop the system. This is how we got additional efficiency out of the system."

Pauli Pekkanen
Development Manager
Population Register Centre

How it was done

The following solutions and technologies, among others, are a part of of the overall solution delivered to the Population Register Centre:

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