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Using Microsoft Azure to Manage Growth and Operating Expenses

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Case Sparebanken Vest

With more than 250,000 private and corporate customers, Sparebanken Vest (SPV) is the third-largest savings bank in Norway. Headquartered in Bergen, the bank plays a central role in the development of economic activity throughout Western Norway.

SPV is a pioneer in the development of local IT solutions. A group of 150 specialists, consisting of the bank's internal information management function and external consultants, have developed digital solutions for SPV's own use and for the bank's customers. According to CIO Jørn Torsvik, there are three key factors behind the chosen strategy: the proximity of the bank's own IT development, which creates strong ownership of the bank's IT solutions, the developers having significant industry insight, and enabling quick moves in response to regulatory changes.

SPV has recognized that moving to the cloud is essential for enabling growth. Infrastructure that was previously housed locally in data centers in Bergen was moved to Microsoft Azure, which provides scalability and flexibility to suit SPV's needs. Innofactor was selected as the consultant to ensure that SPV has comprehensive control over its operating expenses.

In order to use cloud platforms efficiently, SPV needed to implement changes in working methods. The best practices and essential frameworks were created in cooperation with Innofactor's specialists. This ensured that regulatory requirements were satisfied.

SPV had to decide whether to continue as a traditional bank or start to proactively deliver new digital experiences to its customers. SPV's mission is to be the best savings bank in Norway. This will be achieved through a simplified digital customer experience and maintaining a strong brand image. This differentiates SPV from other banks and ensures its continued strong social commitment. SPV decided it wants to remain an agile operator that is at the leading edge of the coming changes.

"The local infrastructure has now been moved to the cloud. This was made possible by Innofactor's specialists, who have a strong understanding of the big picture as well as in-depth expertise. We had used Innofactor's consultants before, so it was an easy decision to turn to them for assistance and advice. Our cooperation with Innofactor has become even stronger after we selected Microsoft Azure as our solution. Innofactor knows Azure inside and out!"

Jørn Torsvik

Sparebanken Vest

"Innofactor knows Azure inside and out!"

Jørn Torsvik
Sparebanken Vest

How it was done

The following solutions and technologies, among others, are a part of of the overall solution delivered to Sparebanken Vest:

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