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Innofactor Advisory and Consulting Services

Rather than hastily reshuffling digital solutions, why not take a step back and evaluate your organization's current tech stack and business needs in order to develop business processes?

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Unlock your business potential with Innofactor Advisory and Consulting Services

Many organizations are in a hurry to change their digital solutions without assessing the true business needs first – causing a lot of unnecessary costs, inefficient use of time, and organizational friction.

Innofactor's Advisory & Consulting services help our customers focus and prioritize their business process digitalization efforts in an optimal way so they can maximize their return on investment (ROI) and shorten the time-to-market of business-critical capabilities.

Our highly skilled advisory teams leverage Innofactor's and Microsoft's best practices and provide you access to decades of experience from hundreds of customer projects across industries.

Interested in boosting productivity and cutting inefficient processes?

An audit is a service where we assess the digital solutions and business processes of our customers. By leveraging the expertise of our professionals, we thoroughly evaluate your systems to identify any inefficiencies or vulnerabilities that may exist. This analysis enables organizations to precisely pinpoint areas that require improvement, leading to enhanced productivity and cost reduction.

Interested in reducing costs and improving security?

The goal of a technical study is to demonstrate how Microsoft's cloud technology can drive innovation, scalability and integration of an organization. In this service, our experts demonstrate how digitalizing business processes adds value to organizations. As a result, customers learn through practical projects how Microsoft's AI and cloud solutions can enhance their competitiveness while providing financial benefits.

Identify inefficiencies and critical vulnerabilities by conducting an audit

Innofactor's consultant-led audits provide an opportunity to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities in digital solutions and business processes. By assessing the current state, organizations can pinpoint areas that require improvement or optimization.

By conducting an audit, many of our customers have managed to eliminate unnecessary processes, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs. Below is a description of our audit services.

Technical risk

By engaging a technical expert, customers can evaluate their unique technical risks, receive tailored recommendations, and implement effective solutions to mitigate them. Customers often encounter common issues such as system vulnerabilities, data protection, privacy concerns, as well as challenges related to scalability and performance.


Software licensing is a complex matter that often gives rise to numerous questions: Do we have an adequate number of licenses or perhaps too many? Is there any overlap? Are we paying more than necessary? We can help address these concerns and ensure that organizations do not unintentionally circumvent Microsoft licenses, which could result in various consequences.


Failure to proactively update and evaluate existing integrations can result in significant issues, including the discontinuation of support for deprecated functionality. Therefore, regular evaluation of integrations, even if they are currently functioning, is crucial for organizations aiming to adapt to changing possibilities and security requirements while meeting new standards.


Governance, security, and reliability are among the top concerns for many organizations with regard to infrastructure. Engaging with an infrastructure consultant is of great help when assessing possible risks and concerns – as well as building a roadmap for a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure.


A physical or digital intrusion into an organization poses a significant risk to the organization's reputation and exposes it to financial and other damages. A reputable cybersecurity partner is capable of revealing the weaknesses of an organization in a safe way and providing suitable solutions.

Data Platform

Is your data platform solution adaptable and secure enough to meet your evolving business needs? Are you harnessing the power of Microsoft Copilot to optimize your data utilization and enhance daily productivity? Stay informed about the latest innovative solutions and possibilities by consulting with an agile partner.

Mitigate costs and risks with Innofactor's technical studies

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Cloud: Empower Your Business with Technical Proof of Concepts.

Discover the power of Microsoft Cloud Technology to drive innovation, scalability, and integration. Our technical proof of concepts and rapid pilot projects enable you to explore the transformative capabilities of Microsoft AI, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365.

Experience enhanced security, AI-driven insights, accelerated deployment, and a robust partner ecosystem with minimized costs and risks.

Innofactor Focus showcases the potential value of digitalizing business processes

By introducing the Innofactor Focus concept, our goal is to demonstrate to clients the potential value that can be achieved through digitalizing their business processes. We provide insights into projects that offer the greatest financial benefits, helping clients identify opportunities for growth and efficiency gains. Learn more about Innofactor Focus services below.

Target and Innovation

9900 €*

Focus on Target and Innovation is a service designed to assist your organization in adopting a digital development roadmap that rapidly delivers maximum business value. Comprising two distinct phases, the objective of this service is to identify the most critical problem statement from a business value perspective. Key outcomes include:

  • Well-founded prioritized list of development activities based on value vs. effort analysis
  • Key ideas and findings gathered from interviews
  • Clear recommendations for the next steps or course of action
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Tools and Processes

14500 €*

Focus on Tools and Processes is a service tailored for organizations seeking a comprehensive assessment of their existing systems and infrastructure capabilities. Comprising two distinct phases, this service is highly recommended prior to making any decisions regarding the implementation of new technologies. Key outcomes include:

  • Comprehensive documentation of the current state of tools and processes
  • Actionable recommendations for necessary changes or improvements
  • Clear technical development roadmap for future initiatives
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Business Value (ROI)

7500 €*

Focus on Business Value is a service designed for organizations aiming to ensure the profitability of their planned ICT development investment and maximize all potential benefits and business value. This service is highly recommended prior to selecting a product or an implementation partner. Key outcomes include:

  • Thorough business case presentation including NPV, IRR, and Payback calculations
  • Maximization of potential benefits and business value
  • Ensuring profitability of ICT development investments
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*The price provided is indicative and subject to customization based on the specific needs of the customer.

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