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SCAS streamlines operations across the supply chain

The innovative AI engine replaces inaccurate forecasts with data-based action recommendations that result in a more optimal outcome and significant cost savings

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The benefits of SCAS vs. traditional supply chain planning

With the traditional supply chain, the planning process, purchasing, and production are steered by forecasts, which are usually proven to be inaccurate. This is explained by the ERP solution including massive quantities of different kinds of parameters – such as product-level min/max stock levels which restrict optimal operations.

Seeloz's innovative AI-based SCAS solution provides improved control of the supply chain, optimization of activities, and more reliable deliveries to customers. Organizations can gain significant savings by modernizing their supply chains with SCAS, which enables a 10–60% decrease in:

  • Inventory levels (volume), inventory carrying costs, spoilage, and stockouts.
  • Stock transfers (volume and cost).
  • Supply chain administration costs.

SCAS integrates with all major ERP solutions:

It is thus a relevant opportunity for all types of mid-large manufacturing organizations as well as other organizations with large stock inventories.

The payback time for SCAS is less than a year

SCAS' AI model can be inputted with history data and augmented with other available data sources (e.g. Excel, ERP). When the model is updated with new data, such as a customer order, historical actions get "challenged" by alternative recommendations that would result in a more optimal outcome.

To give an example, a company with a revenue of 200–300 MEUR, average inventory levels of 10 MEUR or annual purchases of approximately 40 MEUR would benefit from implementing SCAS as follows:

  • Increase of annual revenue by 2%
  • Decrease in average inventory levels by 10%
  • Decrease of annual purchasing by 2–3%

In this example, the payback time for implementing SCAS would be less than a year.

Customer case: SCAS transformed supply chain planning process

Ingress is a multinational organization with operations in several ASEAN countries and multiple industries. With such a varied range of businesses comes certain complexity, which is tackled by Seeloz's AI-driven supply chain automation solution. Watch the video and learn how SCAS optimizes Ingress' supply chain processes.

Get started with low risk

The deployment of SCAS is well-concepted and thoroughly supported by Seeloz's consultants from start to finish. All in all, the deployment consists of five distinct phases.

Initially, Seeloz and Innofactor model the customer's business, supply chain, warehousing, and material costs. The output of this phase is a concrete proposal of SCAS model usage by the customer, a business case indicating its benefits, and a cost estimate of the solution deployment. The benefit of this model is that the risk is very low: there is no need to commit to the solution or a license before the results have been verified with the customer's own data.

SCAS is available directly from Microsoft Azure as-a-service and for Microsoft customers, it is part of the Consumptions Agreement. If the customer has a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, SCAS may also be acquired directly from Seeloz.

Watch the video and learn more about SCASTM

  • 20 % – 40 % reduction in overstock paired with 60 % – 80 % reduction in stockouts.
  • Optimal inventory procurement and replenishment decisions.
  • Real-time inventory visibility and decision support.
  • Minimized operational costs and supply chain overhead with maximized topline revenues.
  • Flexibility to make physical supply chain changes without additional costs.

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