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Seamless partnership is the key to functional systems

Helkama-Auto modernized its business systems from CRM to online maintenance booking by implementing Microsoft solutions

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Helkama-Auto is a traditional family company that was established in 1905. The company imports Skoda automobiles, accessories and spare parts in Finland.​

Helkama-Auto wanted to renew and modernize its old tools – everything from CRM to online system for car maintenance appointments. Innofactor and Helkama-Auto implemented Microsoft solutions, which serve both the company and its customers.

"We register the third or second most new Škodas every year in Finland", says Lea Taittonen, IT Director at Helkama-Auto.

Modern systems provide better service for customers

Innofactor has provided Helkama-Auto with Microsoft based systems, including a CRM system, extranet online service booking system, Power BI and a modern user interface for the pre-owned car program.

"We wanted to modernize our services and start using new kinds of tools. Prior to this, we didn't have a CRM system in use at all. It was very important for us that our customers could book maintenance times online so that they didn't have to wait in a call queue", says Taittonen.

"The biggest thing, and the one that we are most proud of, is the online system for our maintenance appointments."

Seamless co-operation towards common goals

Taittonen describes the partnership between Helkama-Auto and Innofactor as seamless.

"We proceed towards common goals as a kind of close colleagues. We have a common interest to get the services in use and that they work as intended."

"I can recommend Innofactor based on my own experiences of working with them. There have been no problems whatsoever and everything we have agreed on has happened", Taittonen summarizes.

How it was done

The following technologies were a part of Helkama Auto's solution:


"We proceed towards common goals as a kind of close colleagues. We have a common interest."

Lea Taittonen
IT Director
Helkama-Auto Oy

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