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Document and Records Management

Users desire speed and simplicity while their employer requires content management

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Document management enables efficient operations

Document management supports the daily work of employees and implements the employer's requirements for essential business information and lifecycle management.

Innofactor's document management solution is planned with both stakeholders in mind and features:

  • Findability of content
  • Teamwork and version control
  • Availability of current document templates
  • Automated metadata injection
  • Lifecycle settings based on nature of the content

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Document lifecycle as a managed solution

Records management of an archive product both complies with legislation regarding e.g. accounting or information management and the business needs of the organization for content lifecycle management. The retention policy and its document plan provide a toolkit for proactive content preservation and destruction.

A working solution contains functionality on top of quality planning

  • Preservation, destruction and transfer based on content classification
  • Automated archival of completed documents
  • Ensuring the integrity and refreshing content


Why partner with Innofactor

  • Vast experience from hundreds of demanding document and records management project deliveries to public and private sector customers
  • The best platform and software products by Microsoft and Innofactor support fully digitalized information management

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