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Cloud Infrastructure

A successful cloud strategy requires a scalable and secure infrastructure

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A successful cloud strategy requires a scalable and secure infrastructure. In Azure, scalable infrastructure across multiple services and geographies must be rooted in code to work well.

Benefitting fully from the vast array of Azure services, it is paramount to automate suitable governance measures and a stringent security setup that matches the ambitions of the digital services. That's the core of Infrastructure As Code.

Running governance in the cloud is calling for automation. You want to make sure that the infrastructure behaves as expected every day, and the time where governance was a cumbersome manual process is over. In Azure, infrastructure elements are coded.

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Innofactor has a full-service menu for digital organizations looking for maximum scalability and security.

For the full migration journey, you need a Global IaC Foundation and migration. We build your landing zone with Virtual Data Center code components and best practices from Microsoft.

Accelerators / Reference Architecture

An opinionated, end-to-end tech stack built on top of the Infrastructure as Code Library that we deploy in Azure.

We generate the Reference Architecture based on your needs, deploy into your Azure tenancy, and give you 100% of the code. Since you have all the code, you can extend, enhance, and customize the environment exactly according to your needs.

Governance and Automation

DevOps and cross function automation practices is in the forefront of a digital transformation. Working in silos and ignoring the power of automation will leave the digital strategy vulnerable and difficult to execute.

Managed Services and DevOps

Innofactor is the SecOps in DevSecOps. We enable rapid digital service development without compromising security, compliance, and cost control.


Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitate both automation and configuration.

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