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Cloud Transformation

A secure cloud migration framework and a cloud transformation process following Microsoft's best practices

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Cloud transformation

Innofactor has developed a secure cloud migration framework and a cloud transformation process based on Microsoft best-practices. Our experience indicates that in order to achieve the desired goal within a reasonable time and without large cost overruns, it is critical to have a good process and method.

Innofactor is a recommended Microsoft Azure Partner and has a reputation of being one of the leading migration experts in the Nordics. Our team consists of 200 experienced Azure consultants in the Nordics incl. some superstars with MVP-status.


Innofactor's Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) service is a strategic approach that helps organizations balance speed and stability in their cloud adoption journey. By leveraging cloud-native or hybrid solutions, CCoE accelerates cloud adoption while building a modern IT organization. This enhances business agility and ensures efficient cloud management . Additionally, Innofactor's revolutionary Virtual Data Center simplifies cloud deployment by providing pre-built code aligned with Azure's best practices. This nearly automated setup streamlines data center operations and facilitates seamless adoption of cloud services .

Application modernization involves revamping existing legacy applications to align with cloud-native principles. This transformation enhances scalability, resilience, and agility, enabling apps to thrive in dynamic cloud environments.

Data Platform Modernization involves revitalizing existing data infrastructure. By migrating to cloud-based data platforms, organizations gain scalability, agility, cost-effectiveness and readiness to utilize AI services.

Through the strategic integration of AI with our cloud infrastructure, we empower organizations to fully exploit the expansive capabilities of the cloud. This fusion paves the way for more insightful decision-making and secures a competitive advantage in the swiftly evolving digital operations.

Enhanced Decision-Making: AI seamlessly integrates with cloud services, providing organizations with sharper insights. This synergy empowers smarter choices and accelerates business growth.

Scalability and Agility: Cloud platforms offer the ideal playground for AI experimentation. As AI algorithms evolve, the cloud dynamically scales resources, adapting to changing demands.

Innovation Catalyst: Cloud-native AI services foster innovation. From predictive analytics to natural language processing, AI transforms how businesses operate in the cloud.

In essence, Innofactor's strategic integration of AI into cloud transformation initiatives is not just about improving processes—it's about reshaping the future of business operations and customer engagement through technological excellence and innovation.

Azure IoT Edge plays a crucial role in cloud transformation by extending cloud capabilities to the edge of the network, enabling real-time data processing and insights closer to the source of data generation. This technology empowers organizations to overcome bandwidth constraints and reduce latency, ensuring faster decision-making and operational efficiency. By deploying AI and complex event processing at the edge, Azure IoT Edge facilitates the seamless integration of edge devices with cloud environments, enhancing scalability and security.

Azure Migration is a pivotal process for businesses aiming to transition to the cloud, offering a pathway to modernize infrastructure, applications, and data with minimal disruption. It serves as a strategic move to capitalize on the scalability, flexibility, and security of the Azure cloud environment, allowing for cost-effective and efficient management of resources. The Azure Migration process simplifies the shift of on-premises workloads to the cloud, backed by robust tools and guidance that ensure a smooth and reliable migration journey.

Azure Virtual Desktop, with its specialization in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, is a cornerstone service for Innofactor, demonstrating our deep expertise in deploying, optimizing, and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure. This specialization underscores Innofactor's commitment to delivering tailored, high-performance virtual desktop experiences, optimized for the unique needs of each business. Our Azure Virtual Desktop solutions offer robust security features, seamless scalability, and the flexibility to work from any device, empowering our clients to maintain productivity and collaboration in a secure, cloud-based environment. Innofactor's specialized knowledge ensures that our clients benefit from a streamlined transition to Azure Virtual Desktop, enjoying a fully managed, cost-effective service that aligns with their digital transformation goals.

At Innofactor, our expertise extends to the strategic implementation of Azure Landing Zones, which form the cornerstone of a well-architected Azure framework. This approach ensures a structured deployment, with governance, networking, identity, and security considerations at its core, enabling a smooth scaling of resources as business needs evolve. Our deep understanding of Azure Infrastructure, complemented by our know-how in Azure Landing Zones, provides businesses with a resilient, optimized cloud environment that accelerates innovation and supports continuous growth in the digital space.

Innofactor's expertise guarantees a smooth and efficient transition, transferring your on-premises workloads and databases to Azure with minimal interruption to your operations. Our approach is reinforced by a thorough grasp of Azure Landing Zone principles, positioning your migrated assets securely within a managed cloud framework. We focus on customizing migration strategies to align with your specific business needs, ensuring that your infrastructure, apps and data undergo a transformation that enhances efficiency and fosters innovation in the cloud environment.

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Business needs

Cloud transformation is 20 percent technology and 80 percent business. That's why a successful transformation must be rooted in the business needs of the customer.

A clear picture of the current state

The first phase is a mapping phase. The purpose of this phase is to uncover the migration goals, as well as produce a data basis that allows you to make fact-based decisions against how to realize the target image.

We help you clarify the current state

Define goals - Innofactor needs to gain insight into ongoing processes. This involves insight into specific objectives, strategy and KPIs. We reveal this by conducting interviews with key people.

An actionable plan for going forward

The most important premise for Innofactor's part in this process is that we sit on the customer's side of the table, and that our objectivity is maintained.

Innofactor secure cloud migration process is a framework developed based on experience and best practice through hundreds of deliveries across industries and sectors. The framework has been developed because it reduces risk and uncertainty for the customer through the process, in addition to providing a clear and distinct path towards achieving expected results.

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