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Drive revenue and adapt to the changing buying behavior by empowering your sales and marketing teams with leading tools and data to drive growth.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales

Empower your sales, marketing, customer service and field services to create and nurture winning customer relationships with intelligent cloud based CRM

A modern organization puts the customer in the center of all its operations. Accurate, connected and easily available customer data is therefore the fuel for its sales, marketing and customer lifecycle management processes and central to value creation and successful customer engagement. As a leading Nordic expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Online, we're able help to help our customers ramp up or modernize their CRM to empower all customer core engaging activities, including 

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service and
  • Field Services.

Sales Transformation with Innofactor

Interested in transforming your organization's sales? Innofactor has created a framework designed to help companies selling B2B service products to start small but think big as they move forward towards ever bigger selling potential.

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A new way to sell and turn customer relationships into continuous revenue streams

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to increase the productivity of your sales team, achieve higher sales funnel velocity and get a better hit rate on your opportunities – this means you can both drive higher revenues and decrease the cost of sales
  • A modern CRM solution that's connected with your organization's productivity and collaboration solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, lets your salesforce access customer data and work virtually anywhere, anytime
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerBI allow you to easily connect data within your CRM with other key data sources, such as your ERP, to provide sales leaders quick access to real-time data and forecasting and allow them to make better decisions
  • Connecting LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your CRM solutions provides your sales force additional insight and allows them to leverage the connections to customers within the entire organization to spot leads and opportunities more effectively

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Create high quality leads, deliver better service and increase customer loyalty and lifetime value

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, for Marketing and for Customer Service helps you to improve collaboration between marketing, sales and customer service teams
  • You'll be able to engage customers more personally and create high quality digital leads effectively through marketing and sales process automation
  • Marketing campaign efficiency is improved through targeted messaging and content promotion, monitoring and A/B testing of content, and the ability to make adjustments to campaign workflows during campaign execution 
  • Easy-to-configure closed loop reporting allows marketing leaders to assess the return on investment of different types of campaigns, channels and content to make better decisions on future campaigns and  investments

Empower your field teams to work  effectively on the go and forecast customer needs even before they materialize

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is a modern way to connect your sales and field engineering teams to your CRM and other key databases while they're on the move 
  • It helps your sales team, field engineers and service teams to arrive prepared by providing them 360-degree visibility to customer data and engagement history
  • Your field engineers are able to access information conveniently on any type of terminal thanks to the fast, responsible and mobile optimized solution design
  • By leveraging connectivity to on-site IoT sensors so your service team knows what to expect and can decide whether a support call is really needed - this helps save time and money for both your organization, as well as the customer

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