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Innofactor as an Investment

Innofactor Plc will publish its 2022 Financial Statements Bulletin and Interim Report October–December 2022 (Q4) on Thursday, February 9, 2023, at approximately 9:00 am Finnish time. : A video conference call for media, investors and analysts will be held in English on the same day beginning at 12:00.

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The Leading Driver of the Modern Digital Organization in the Nordic Countries

Innofactor is the leading driver of the modern digital organization in the Nordic Countries for its over 1,000 customers in commercial, public and third sector. Innofactor has the widest solution offering and leading know-how in the Microsoft ecosystem in the Nordics. Innofactor has over 500 enthusiastic and motivated top specialists in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The Innofactor Plc share is listed in the technology section of the main list of NASDAQ Helsinki Oy. #ModernDigitalOrganization #HybridWork #PeopleFirst #CreatingSmiles

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Innofactor Plc's Interim Report for January 1–September 30, 2022 (IFRS): Innofactor made a strong return to the path of profitable growth – highest-ever Q3 net sales, operating margin and order backlog


July–September 2022 in brief:

  • Net sales were approximately EUR 16.7 million (2021: 13.7), representing an increase of 21.5%
    • Of the growth, approximately EUR 1.8 million (13.4%) was organic
  • Operating margin was approximately EUR 1.8 million (2021: 1.7), representing an increase of 4.8%
  • Operating profit was EUR 1.0 million (2021: 0.9), representing an increase of 4.9%
  • The order backlog at the end of the review period was EUR 77.3 million (2021: 72.0), representing an increase of 7.3%
  • Innofactor received several significant orders in the third quarter, for example:
    • Continued development and maintenance of the ERP and document management system for administrative courts and special courts for the Legal Register Centre (HAIPA project), approximately EUR 4.0 million, of which approximately EUR 2.0 million is entered in the order backlog (excluding years subject to options)
    • Development and maintenance of the Aalto University Foundation’s centralized data warehouse, approximately EUR 5.0 million, to be entered in the order backlog in stages according to agreements to be subsequently concluded with the customer

January–September 2022 in brief:

  • Net sales were approximately EUR 50.6 million (2021: 48.8), representing an increase of 3.6%
    • Without the Prime business sold in the first quarter of 2021, the comparable change would have been an increase of 4.9 percent
    • Of the growth, approximately EUR 1.3 million (2.6%) was organic
  • Operating margin was approximately EUR 5.2 million (2021: 8.4), representing a decrease of 38.5%
    • The operating margin in 2021 included a capital gain of approximately EUR 2.6 million from the sale of the Prime business, without which the operating margin would have been approximately EUR 5.9 million; the comparable change in operating margin is a decrease of 11.8%
  • Operating profit was EUR 2.9 million (2021: 6.0), representing a decrease of 50.9%
    • The operating profit for 2021 includes a corresponding sales gain as the operating margin, without which the operating profit would have been approximately EUR 3.4 million, representing a decrease of 14.3%


Q3 2022 result interviews

Innofactor's CEO Sami Ensio's result interviews by Evli Research's analyst Jerker Salokivi and Inderes' analyst Joni Grönqvist after Innofactor's Q3 2022 result.

Innofactor Q3 interview with CEO Sami Ensio - Evli (In English, 7 min)

Evli result interview

CEO's Review

October 25, 2022

Focus on increasing customer work and project profitability improved Innofactor's organic growth and profitability in Q3 – we will continue on the same path for the remainder of the year

sami ensio

Net sales in the third quarter of 2022 amounted to EUR 16.7 million, representing year-on-year growth of 21.5 percent, with the rate of organic growth being 13.4 percent. The operating margin (EBITDA) grew by 4.8 percent year-on-year and came to EUR 1.8 million (10.7 percent of net sales). Innofactor’s net sales grew, and operating margin was positive in all countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

Net sales for the first nine months of 2022 amounted to EUR 50.6 million, representing year-on-year growth of 3.6 percent. Excluding the Prime business sold on March 31, 2021, from April 1, 2021, onwards the comparable rate of growth was 4.9 percent. The rate of organic growth was 2.6 percent. The operating margin (EBITDA) decreased by 38.5 percent year-on-year and came to EUR 5.2 million (10.3 percent of net sales).  The operating margin in 2021 included a capital gain of approximately EUR 2.6 million from the sale of the Prime business, without which the operating margin in 2021 would have amounted to EUR 5.9 million and the comparable change in the operating margin would have been a decrease of 11.8 percent.

The order backlog increased slightly from the previous quarter and amounted to EUR 77.3 million at the end of the review period, representing year-on-year growth of 7.3 percent.

In connection with our half-yearly report, I noted that we could not be satisfied with our operational performance in Finland and Sweden in the first half of 2022. As previously announced, we immediately took action in the summer to improve our performance. We focused particularly on increasing project profitability and the invoicing ratio by focusing even more on customer work. The actions we took enabled us to systematically increase the invoicing ratio from one week to the next during the quarter, especially in Finland. Our goal is to maintain the invoicing ratio at least at the level we achieved at the end of the quarter until the end of the year, and to further increase it in 2023.

Martin Söderlind was appointed in September as Country Manager for Innofactor Sweden. Martin has previously served as a member of Innofactor’s Group Executive Board and held the position of Chief Innovation and Talent officer since April 2021. In his new role, Martin will continue as a member of the Group Executive Board. Innofactor Sweden’s previous Country Manager, Marcus Hasselblad, will leave Innofactor Group in November to pursue other opportunities. Innofactor has appointed Anni Pokkinen as Innofactor Group’s Chief People Officer and a member of the Group Executive Board. She has taken over a significant share of the duties previously handled by Martin Söderlind. Anni has held several HR-related roles at Innofactor since July 2015. Most recently, she held the position of HR Director, Nordic Development and Operations, and HR Director, Finland. In her new position, Anni will also continue to lead Innofactor’s Finnish HR.

The integration of Invenco Ltd into Innofactor’s operations has progressed according to plan. Invenco Ltd was acquired by Innofactor in June 2022. We have harmonized our operating models and moved to shared office premises. We opened a new office in Oulu at the end of September, which we hope will also support the recruitment of new professionals in the Oulu region. We aim to complete all key aspects of the integration process by the end of the year.  

Innofactor’s aim is to be the leading provider of organizations’ digital transformation in each of the Nordic countries. We believe in our chosen Nordic strategy and in reaching our long-term goals. This requires perseverance and determination from the company's management and employees as well as investors. Innofactor is still actively looking for new strategic partnerships in the Nordic countries. The Group’s goal is to grow both organically and through acquisitions.

Sami Ensio
Innofactor's founder, major owner, and CEO

Business Environment

We estimate that the growth rate of the Nordic IT services market will be positive in 2022, but because of the COVID-19 situation, we cannot give a more detailed estimate.

The key innovation trends and drivers of change in the market include metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchains, and quantum computing, with facilitating roles being played by software moving to the cloud, data analytics, social media, and the use of mobile devices. Combating climate change is placing new demands on both societies and organizations, creating new business opportunities and accelerating innovation. The purchasing behavior of our customers has evolved as part of this business transformation. Our customers’ expectations for their IT partner are characterized by a greater focus on business benefits rather than technological benefits. Our customers are looking for more out-of-the-box solutions that do not require extensive customer-specific customization. In addition, customers are increasingly seeking continuous services instead of large one-time projects.

We estimate that the IT service market in the Nordic countries grew by a few percent in 2021. We estimate that growth in the Nordic IT services market will continue in 2022, but because of the uncertain COVID-19 situation, we cannot give a more detailed estimate. Our estimate is based on research institutes’ forecasts and our own outlook on markets.

In the long term, we believe that the digital leap of society in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will increase Innofactor's possibilities to grow its business operations. The abilities of a modern digital organization will be even more important for our customers in the future. It is also possible that some of our customers will transfer some of their operations back to the Nordic countries in order to be closer to their customers. This would have a favorable effect as regards the business model of Innofactor's chosen strategy based on Nordic specialists. We also believe that Microsoft's position has strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe in our chances of increasing our market share in the Nordic countries.

The competition in Microsoft-based solutions in the Nordic countries is fragmented. The first group of competitors consists of large enterprises that operate in all of the Nordic countries. These competitors provide a wide range of IT solutions that are needed by various organizations and use several competing technologies, one of which is the Microsoft ecosystem. The second group consists of medium-sized companies that focus on a niche solution area at the Nordic level, also using several different technologies. The third group consists of medium-sized companies operating mainly in a single country, typically providing a broad range of solutions based on several competing technologies. The fourth group consists of small companies that only operate in their domestic market focusing on certain clearly defined solution areas, technologies, and industries.

Microsoft’s fragmented Nordic partner network, which consists of small and medium-sized IT companies, continues to offer interesting acquisition opportunities for us. In the future, our acquisition strategy will likely be focused on medium-sized companies that operate in a single country. This will help us expand our offering at the country-specific level as well as potentially acquire additional cloud-based product and service business. Good reputation, fast and profitable growth, successful acquisitions, and entrepreneurial spirit will make us an attractive partner for reorganizations in the field.

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Strategy

Innofactor's strategy comprises our purpose, mission, vision, strategic choices, values, working principle, and long-term financial goals. 

Our purpose

Innovating to make the world work better

Our mission

Driving the modern digital organization

Our vision

Leading Nordic digital transformation partner in the Microsoft ecosystem

Our strategic choices

  • The most competent Nordic teams
  • Productized and specialized offering
  • Proactive and agile way of working
  • Innovation with top customers

Our values

  • Accountability
  • Empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Customer

Read more about our values.

Our working principle

Our principle is to put people first in everything we do. We want to create solutions that make people's everyday work and life run smoothly and bring a smile to their faces.

Our long-term financial goals

  • To achieve annual growth of about 20 percent, of which majority is intended to be achieved by organic growth
  • To achieve about 20 percent EBITDA in relation to the net sales
  • To keep the cash flow positive and secure solid financial standing in all situations

Strategy and its realization in the review period

Innofactor’s net sales in January–September 2022 amounted to EUR 50.6 million (2021: 48.8), representing year-on-year growth of 3.6 percent. Without the Prime business sold in the first quarter of 2021, the comparable change would have been an increase of 4.9 percent. Approximately EUR 1.3 million (2.6%) of the growth was organic, excluding the net sales derived from the Invenco acquisition. The net sales growth target is supported by Innofactor’s record-high order backlog of EUR 77.3 million (2021: 71.9). The Invenco acquisition adds inorganic growth to our business, and we have also successfully initiated measures to improve our performance and net sales in Finland and Sweden, and those measures will continue through the rest of the year.

The operating margin (EBITDA) was 10.3 percent of net sales (2021: 17.3%). EBITDA for the review period decreased by 38.5 percent year-on-year, which was particularly attributable to the capital gain recognized on the sale of the Prime business in 2021. Without the sale of the Prime business, the operating margin (EBITDA) would have decreased by 11.8 percent year-on-year. The measures we have initiated in Finland and Sweden to improve our performance and net sales are aimed at increasing our EBITDA in the fourth quarter and, in line with our market guidance, we expect to exceed last year’s EBITDA, excluding the effect of the capital gain recognized on the sale of the Prime business.

Innofactor’s operating cash flow for the review period of January 1–September 30, 2022, amounted to EUR 3.0 million (2021: EUR 6.2 million) and the equity ratio at the end of the review period was 43.7 percent (2021: 52.9 percent). Cash flow in 2021 was increased by EUR 2.2 million in proceeds from the sale of the Prime business. In connection with the Invenco acquisition, Innofactor took out a bank loan of EUR 2.5 million in June 2022. The bank loan and the effect of consolidating Invenco into Innofactor’s balance sheet on June 30, 2022, reduces the equity ratio in 2022. Cash flow from financing was also weakened by repayments of Invenco Ltd’s loans in the third quarter. Innofactor’s strong operating cash flow supports the company’s strategic goal of profitable growth and securing a solid financial standing in all situations.

Key Figures






Net sales, EUR thousand






Operating profit before depreciation
and amortization (EBITDA), EUR thousand






percentage of net sales






Operating profit (EBIT), EUR thousand






percentage of net sales






Earnings before taxes, EUR thousand






percentage of net sales






Earnings, EUR thousand






percentage of net sales






Shareholders' equity, EUR thousand






Interest bearing liabilities, EUR thousand






Cash and cash equivalents, EUR thousand






Deferred tax assets, EUR thousand






Return on equity






Return on investment






Net Gearing






Equity ratio

51.1 %





Balance sheet total, EUR thousand






Research and development, EUR thousand






percentage of net sales






Personnel on average during the year






Personnel at the end of the year






Number of shares at the end of the year






Earnings per share (EUR)






Shareholders' equity per share (EUR)






Growth and Financial Targets



Innofactor's long term financial goals:

  • To achieve annual growth of about 20 percent, of which majority is intended to be achieved by organic growth
  • To achieve about 20 percent EBITDA in relation to the net sales
  • To keep the cash flow positive and securing solid financial standing in all situations

The main actions for reaching the approximately 20 percent growth and 20 percent operating margin:

  • Focus on selected industries and solution areas that provide the highest growth opportunities and allow us to best scale existing offering in the Nordics
  • Focus on current customers and cross sales to get a bigger share of wallet of customers' digital transformation budgets
  • Improving modern digital marketing and sales skills to achieve better and more cost-effective sales results
  • Focus on competence planning, recruiting and resource optimization across Nordics
  • Shifting revenues from projects and professional services toward products, IP-based and continuously managed services that support selected solution areas and industries
  • Strengthening continuously our specialists' professional skills and improving our leading offering in order for our customers to pay hour price above market average
  • Aiming to move to self-organized teams and to reduce organizational layers achieving better communication and faster decision making
  • Developing our flexible value-adding delivery model by minimizing unnecessary work, by improving our invoicing rate in delivery projects, consultancy and expert work, as well as by maximizing customer satisfaction


Innofactor's business operations were focused on Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. During the period January 1–September 30, 2022, approximately 66 percent of the net sales came from Finland, approximately 16 percent from Sweden, approximately 12 percent from Norway, and approximately 6 percent from Denmark. Net sales grew in the third quarter in all of Innofactor's operating countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway).

During the period January 1–September 30, 2022, approximately 43 percent of the net sales came from commercial clients, approximately 46 percent from public sector clients, and approximately 11 percent from third-sector clients.


Distribution of net sales in January 1–September 30, 2022

distribution of net sales

Innofactor’s net sales for the review period of January 1–September 30, 2022, came from the following sources:

  • 37 percent from IT system delivery projects and consulting
  • 36 percent from specialist work based on recurring service contracts, such as smaller customer-specific changes and the further development of IT systems
  • 24 percent from services based on recurring service contracts, such as SaaS, cloud and hosting services, and from software maintenance
  • 3 percent from licenses, of which the share of licensing income to third parties was approximately 2 percent of net sales

Innofactor’s 10 largest clients accounted for approximately 28 percent of the net sales for the review period January 1–September 30, 2022.


Get to know our customer stories 


People First and a Smile on the Face Every Working Day – in Spite of COVID-19

In line with our mission, we continue to build Innofactor as a modern digital organization. We develop our operating models to support the daily work of our employees within our Nordic organization. Highly competent and motivated employees, good leadership practices, effective teamwork, self-organization and company-wide practices support Innofactor’s long-term goals. Our principle is to put people first in everything we do. We want to create an inspiring hybrid work environment for our employees and also have fun while working.

Number of Personnel

Innofactor primarily monitors the number of active personnel. The number of active personnel does not include employees who are on leave for more than 3 months.

The average number of active personnel during the period July 1–September 30, 2022, was 555 (2021: 508), representing growth of 9.3 percent. At the end of the review period, the number of active personnel was 554 (2021: 497), representing growth of 11.5 percent. Approximately 75 percent of the growth is attributable to the Invenco acquisition completed at the end of June 2022. 

At the end of the review period, the average age of the personnel was 42.6 years (2021: 42.0). Women accounted for 26 percent (2021: 27%) and men for 74 percent (2021: 73%) of the personnel.

Get to know our people!


Self-Organized Hybrid Work in the New Normal

Innofactor transitioned successfully to remote work in 2020 in response to COVID-19 restrictions. It is estimated that, where necessary, it has been possible to perform over 98 percent of tasks remotely at Innofactor. We regularly monitored the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, changed our instructions and organized COVID-19 briefings for our personnel as needed. Our aim has been to issue timely recommendations regarding remote work and in-office work. We conducted a personnel survey in spring 2021, based on which we created new operating models for remote work and in-office work. At the same time, we instructed teams to agree on regular practices concerning working methods.

Going forward, Innofactor will use a hybrid approach, which involves working at the office, at the customer’s premises and remotely, depending on what is the most appropriate choice in each situation. Teams agree on their operating models and rules concerning their working methods. Choices are guided by customer requirements. Teams are recommended to choose in-office days – for example, one or two days per week – when the team works together in the same physical location, either at the office or at the customer’s premises. We have also planned changes to our offices to support hybrid work even more effectively.

Our operating models in the new normal are based on our self-organizing culture, which means that teams are empowered to plan their work. At the same time, we want to support a strong sense of community and team spirit, so we strongly encourage teams, units and departments to have common in-office days. In spite of COVID-19, we opened a new office in Jyväskylä in late 2021. We believe that physical offices play a role as important meeting places and hold potential for attracting talent from various parts of the Nordic region. In 2021, we recruited over 100 new professionals to work at Innofactor.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Innofactor has focused particularly on supporting remote work and related operating models. In managerial work, special focus has been placed on virtual meetings and active correspondence. Self-management and occupational well-being have been supported with due consideration for the exceptional circumstances. Exercise breaks, mindfulness practice and various online training activities provided by the company have been popular among the employees. The regular sharing of information has also played a central role. We have also supported remote work by offering the opportunity to borrow equipment (such as external displays) for use in the home office to make remote work as productive and ergonomic as possible.

From the perspective of psychological well-being, it is important to be able to meet people – both colleagues and customers – even during COVID-19. We have emphasized the importance of safety in that context. In August 2021, we were among the first in Finland to organize an outdoor customer event using the COVID-19 passport. The event was organized in co-operation with our occupational health service provider Mehiläinen. Admission to the event was subject to having a COVID-19 passport or a negative result on a rapid test administered by our occupational health service provider at our head office, the Innofactor Campus in Espoo, in connection with the event. The COVID-19 passport was also used at other Innofactor customer events and voluntary personnel events during the year.

Talented Employees at the Core of Our Business

Innofactor aims to invest in competence development at the Nordic level. Our Executive Board was joined on April 1, 2021, by a new Chief Innovation and Talent Officer, Martin Söderlind, whose role is to determine what competencies we need now and in the future, and to ensure that we have access to these competencies. He is supported by Anni Pokkinen, HR Director, Nordic Development & Operations.

We organized diverse training through Innofactor Academy in 2021. Innofactor Academy brings together Innofactor's training activities at the local level as well as the Nordic level. We continued to support remote work, particularly through training activities and lectures focused on coping with the demands of work. We also organized training related to Microsoft technology, basic induction training, as well as ITIL and SCRUM training. As the COVID-19 pandemic continued, we strengthened our position in facilitating remote training. This enabled us to develop our range of training activities and engage in closer Nordic co-operation regarding training. Going forward, we will also focus increasingly on the certification of our employees.

We want to focus on training young people and offering jobs to new graduates. We organized our third Innofactor DigiStar Trainee Program, the purpose of which is to provide a diverse induction training period for new professionals, followed by learning on the job. We hired 14 DigiStar trainees in 2021.

Our Nordic Approach and Modern Operating Models Support Our Work

Innofactor’s goal is to build a company with Nordic integration. Common systems, processes and culture support Innofactor’s strategic targets and co-operation between countries. We continued the development of our Nordic operating models in 2021. For example, the bonus models for the personnel were harmonized and all Innofactor employees were placed under the same bonus program. At the beginning of the year, all of the employees were given the opportunity to try the development discussion platform deployed by Innofactor.

The self-organizing operating model and full-time manager model were adopted in the remaining Finnish units at the beginning of 2021. The full-time manager model was also implemented in Sweden and the first steps toward self-organization were taken. The plan is to implement a corresponding model in Innofactor's other operating countries in 2022–2023.

We Invest in Good Leadership

Every employee has the right to good leadership. The continuous development of leadership is a key focus area for Innofactor. In addition to the quarterly employee satisfaction survey, all managers participated in a comprehensive 360° evaluation. According to the results, the quality of leadership at Innofactor is already better than the European benchmark by a clear margin, and the results showed further improvement compared to 2020. We want to continue our development and build a leadership culture that supports and develops self-organization and our specialists while making Innofactor an even better place to work.

Smiling at Work is Allowed

At Innofactor, people work together and support each other. We want work to be both meaningful and fun. This is underpinned by good leadership and common working practices, but especially by great colleagues and a fantastic team spirit. 

We organize recreational events for our personnel, both in teams and at the corporate level. There were still many COVID-19 restrictions in place in 2021, and we had to adapt the events we traditionally organize. Our annual Nordic summer event, InSpirit, was organized as a hybrid event. The official content was produced virtually for each of our operating countries and the evening festivities were arranged locally, taking safety considerations into account. 

Innofactor’s Fun Club is a long-standing concept for shared activities by employees during workdays. In 2021, we organized a virtual May Day event in Finland, which was very popular, as well as diverse events ranging from remote chocolate tasting to a golf tournament and a painting workshop. In November, we were able to have Pre-Christmas parties at our offices, for the most part, before the COVID-19 situation deteriorated again. We also organized many team days and meetings. Ensuring COVID-19 safety was the highest priority in all meetings.

In 2021, we also organized our first-ever Share Your Cool Thing virtual event to present highlights of customer projects from the past year to our personnel. The event combined knowledge sharing, networking and celebrating Innofactor’s highly capable teams.


We help our customers to succeed by modernizing and digitalizing their organizations. We put people first in everything we do. We want to create solutions that make people's everyday work and life run smoothly and bring a smile to their faces.

In the last two decades, technology has revolutionized how organizations function in a myriad of wonderful ways. However, taking advantage of digitalization is still often a challenge. That’s why here at Innofactor we have made it our mission to help our customers transform into Modern Digital Organizations, which take full advantage of the opportunities brought by hybrid work, data, and the cloud.

In fact, making it easier for people and organizations to work wonders is at the heart of everything we do. It’s this passion to make the world work better that’s enabled our talented cloud technology professionals to successfully collaborate with approximately 1,000 private, public, and third sector customers across the Nordic region. 

To do this, we work in six solution areas, which we consider the building blocks of a Modern Digital Organization.

Our Modern Delivery Model Ensures Effective Deployment and Adoption to Maximize the Lifetime Value of New Solutions

Our delivery model is based on years of experience in the successful design, adoption and development of modern services. It consists of five stages, each of which delivers our customers quick, tangible value in each of the six solution areas of our offering. The value of our deliveries is based on not only helping our customers to design and implement a specific solution, but also supporting them all way from defining a vision and governance to adoption and continuous development.

delivery model

read more about our solutions for modern digital organization



20 June, 2022
Innofactor signed a contract to acquire the entire share capital of the Finnish company Invenco Oy.
See Stock Exchange Release for more details.

31 December, 2020
During the first quarter of 2020, Innofactor increased its holding in Arc Technology Oy by 26.94 percent to a total of 45.13 percent. Starting from the Q2/2020 interim report, Arc Technology Oy was reported as a subsidiary, because Innofactor has had control over the company since April 2020. Innofactor's holding in the company increased to 100% on December 30, 2020. For 2020, Arc Technology Oy increased Innofactor's net sales by approximately EUR 0.8 million. Arc Technology Oy was renamed as Innofactor HRM Oy in early 2021. See the Press Release (in Finnish).

10 October, 2016

Innofactor signed a contract to acquire the entire share capital of the Lumagate group.
See Stock Exchange Release for more details.

22 December, 2015

Innofactor signed a contract to acquire the entire share capital of the Swedish company Cinteros AB.
See Stock Exchange Release for more details.

22 December, 2015

Finnish Arc Technology, which is focused on HR systems, bought Innofactor Plc's HRM (Human Resources Management) business.
See press release for more details.

31 December, 2013

Innofactor signed a contract to acquire the entire share capital of Enabling Group.
See Stock Exchange Release for more details.

30 September, 2013

Innofactor acquired Dynamic Team (company name Lainetar Oy, based in Tampere, Finland) and its business in order to strengthen its offering in the Microsoft Dynamics AX business area.
See press release for more details.

6 June, 2013

Innofactor signed a contract to acquire the entire share capital of atBusiness Ltd.
See Stock Exchange Release for more details.

30 November, 2012

Innofactor signed a contract to acquire the Microsoft project and project portfolio management solutions business from Tietotalo Infocenter Ltd.

25 June, 2012

Innofactor signed a contract to acquire the entire share capital of Bridgeconsulting A/S.
See Stock Exchange Release for more details.

3 December, 2010

Westend ICT Plc and Innofactor Ltd merged to become the Innofactor Plc Group.
See Stock Exchange Release for more details.

3 June, 2010

Visual Management Ltd became part of Innofactor Software Ltd.

12 October, 2009

Innofactor Software Ltd acquired Software Innovation Finland Ltd.

1 April, 2007

Innofactor purchased the Enfo Ltd business unit responsible for electronic business solutions.

15 December, 2004

Innofactor Software Ltd acquired TietoEnator Plc's parish-software business.


Innofactor considers sustainability as one of the cornerstones of its long-term success. Sustainability is not only a condition for the continuation of operations. It also represents a way of responding to stakeholder expectations. Technology companies play a significant role in the mitigation of – and adaptation to – climate change. The IT sector also makes it possible for other organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Innofactor's operations are guided by our Code of Conduct and environmental policy, in addition to which we comply with the leading international sustainability standards, such as the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the principles of the ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development.

Innofactor's internal operations are managed through predefined core processes and standards. The key processes related to sustainability include the company's processes relating to legal affairs, risk management and human resources, which govern many of the main aspects of corporate responsibility. The framework for Innofactor's operations is provided by the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and AQAP-2110 standards, which the company's various processes adhere to.

Innofactor is committed to supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Accordingly, we have mapped the main objectives from the perspective of our business operations.

In autumn 2021, Innofactor signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge to commit to the development of digital skills, diversity, ethical AI and environmental responsibility.

Read more about Innofactor's sustainability

Future Outlook

Innofactor’s future outlook for 2022

Innofactor's net sales and operating margin (EBITDA) in 2022 are estimated to increase from 2021, during which net sales were EUR 66.4 million. Innofactor's operating margin (EBITDA) for 2022 is estimated to increase from EUR 7.5 million, which would have been the operating margin for 2021 without the proceeds of EUR 2.6 million from the sale of the Prime business. 

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