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Reference Architecture Accelerators

An opinionated, end-to-end tech stack built on top of the Infrastructure as Code Library that we deploy into your Azure tenancy

Innofactor Azure cloud infrastructure and services

The Reference Architecture is an opinionated, battle-tested, best-practices way to assemble the code from the Infrastructure as Code Library into an end-to-end tech stack that includes just about everything you need: server cluster, load balancer, database, cache, network topology, monitoring, alerting, CI/CD, secrets management, VPN, and more.

We generate the Reference Architecture based on your needs, deploy into your Azure tenancy, and give you 100% of the code. Since you have all the code, you can extend, enhance, and customize the environment exactly according to your needs.

Customize your architecture and complete a few setup steps

  • Create several Azure environments (logs, security, shared, dev, stage, and prod)
  • Choose a region
  • Set up domains in Azure DNS
  • Docker Containers on App Services, Container Services, or Azure Kubernets
  • Logic Apps, and
  • Storage, Secrets, and Caching
  • Azure DevOps or Github
  • Bastion Host or Virtual Desktops
  • Static content storage and serving
  • Serverless functions and Logic Applications
  • DNS, TLS
  • Monitoring, Alerting, Log Aggregation
  • Infrastructure as Code - Written in ARM, Bicep, Terraform, Powershell, AzCLI, and Bash. You get 100% of the code
  • Production-ready - The architecture has been proven with multiple Innofactor customers
  • Reliable - Designed for high availability, scalability, and durability
  • Secure - Subscription-level segmentation, centralized audit trail, network segmentation, encrypted by default, server hardening, zero trust networking & more
  • Documented - Includes architecture documentation in Markdown and HTML