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Dynasty Archive

An effortless solution for archiving records and documents

Dynasty archiving

Compliant record maintenance according to information management laws: SÄHKE2 –certified

Public sector organizations are required by law to maintain all documents and records they receive from citizens and organizations in an electronic format. Thanks to automated integrity monitoring, organizations are able to prove that all their records remain immutable and unchanged. Innofactor Dynasty Archive is certified according to the Finnish Government SÄHKE2 standard which prooves it fulfills the strictest requirements set by law.

Automatic archiving from Dynasty 10 and ready-made import tools make deployment a breeze

Dynasty Archive makes it easy to import documents and records from various source systems. In includes a built-in integration for Dynasty 10 Case Management as well as APIs for integration with other solutions. Documents and records can also be imported directly from your PC or Mac. In addition, we provide a ready-made Importer-tool which enables automated imports from other data sources and systems.

Supported document sources include

  • Compliant case management solutions
  • Entire registries (e.g. old diaries)
  • Direct-archiving
  • Other electronic material

Built-in functions for deletion, search and bulk metadata updates make archive management easier

Our solution supports automated record deletion and provides the user e.g. record deletion proposals based on expiration dates. Record deletion proposals and record deletion approvals may also be assigned to different users for added safety. The system auto-creates and maintains a permanent deletion proposal list in compliance with the SÄHKE2-standard. This ensures that the organization always maintains a history log as proof of which records have been deleted. 

Versatile search

Innofactor Dynasty Archive includes a versatile search functionality which enables search from record metadata as well as content. Further search criteria can be applied such as

  • "record archived within the last 30 days"
  • "records for which the confidentiality period will expire within the next 3 months"

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