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Improved analytics with a modern data warehouse in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a flexible data management infrastructure for real estate chain Danbolig

Danbolig customer case

Leading data-driven real estate agency in Denmark

danbolig is a leading chain of real estate agencies in Denmark. It has more than 150 independent branches throughout the country. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate market and the strong local expertise of its real estate agents, danbolig provides its customers with a customized service experience regardless of where they live or where they are moving to.

The extensive use of data plays a central role in danbolig's operations. The company takes a data-driven approach to its decision-making processes at the tactical and strategic levels. Consequently, it is essential for danbolig to have an agile, quick and stable Business Intelligence value chain.

Improved agility and analytics with a Modern Data Warehouse in Azure

Based on its cloud strategy, danbolig has put its Business Intelligence architecture in the cloud with a focus on agility, scalability and information security. Innofactor provided the company with a cloud-based business intelligence infrastructure that enables danbolig to establish a better overall understanding of the customer data, financial data and employee data of individual branches, for example. The transition to Microsoft Azure has provided danbolig with a flexible infrastructure that enables strong analytical insight, a better customer experience, and more effective comparisons and sharing of information.

How It Was Done

danbolig's implementation included several cloud solutions and services including:


"Innofactor has supported us throughout the process – from counseling related to architecture all the way to the choice of methods and implementation. This was important for us, since we needed consistent and comprehensive assistance ranging from preliminary descriptions to real-life implementation in a complex user environment."

-Anne Mette Koch
CCO/CIO, danbolig

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