Insurance Centre switched over to an electronic claims management system

Case Insurance Centre

The Insurance Centre is a consortium of four insurance types. It consists of Motor Insurers' Centre, Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool, Patient Insurance Centre and Environmental Insurance Centre.

Patient Insurance Centre handles all personal injuries that occur in connection with healthcare activities. Motor Insurers Centre takes care of the consequences of a default on the payment of the statutory motor liability insurance.

Solutions to many needs

Innofactor and Insurance Centre have been collaborating for a long time, during which Innofactor has deliver Insurance Centre a claims management system, where all claims are handled.

Efficient and secure claims management is critical. To meet this need, Insurance Centre started a project for electronic claims management, with a goal of speeding and improving claims handling by moving the material to electronic form. As an end-result, all the documents coming in for claims management are scanned and downloaded to electronic claims management system.

Compensation of personal injuries is often assessed by a specialist doctor, who investigates the injury based on patient documents and imaging material. Part of the electronic claims management system Innofactor delivered Insurance Centre an extranet system, to reduce the doctors' workload. The processor of the compensations transfers the case into the system, where the doctors receive a good overview of the case. The doctor then saves his statement to the system, after which the document is fully viewable for the client. This way the organization can make the decision on the compensation faster.

More efficient processing

Thanks to the successful project, Insurance Centre got rid of manual work and archives. In addition, the organization's information security has improved quite a bit. Processing times are expected to become shorter.

Overall, the project's implementation went according to agreed plans and schedules were met sufficiently well, taking into consideration the complexity and extent of the project.


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