Leading Sales with Data

27.10.2020 | On-demand webinar

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27.10.2020 13:00 - 13:30 (UTC+01:00)
14:00 - 14:30 (EET)

Support your sales organization by enabling data-driven business

In today's world it is important for businesses to consider what it means to be relevant on their current market today. Digital tools are becoming more crucial to businesses and instead of only supporting, they are driving the business change.

In this on-demand webinar, we will give you ideas on how to transform your sales organization by bringing valuable insights directly to the end user and this way gain a better understanding of where to focus work. In the end of our session, you will comprehend what it means to move away from quarterly-based reviews on data to bringing the data to the actual end-user.

Our Nordic team will cover for example the following topics:

  • Is the data in your CRM up-to date?
  • Do you have data and dashboards as basis for Data Driven Sales?
  • Are you using internal data to support sales decision making? What about external and big data?
  • Have you considered using Machine Learning & AI to boost the sales cycle?

Our professionals will introduce these topics to help you improve and develop your organization's sales transformation.

Webinar recording date and time: On 27th of October 13-13.30 CET (Sweden) | 14-14.30 EET (Finland)

About the speakers

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Helen Ala

Consultant Manager, Innofactor Sweden

Helen manages our Swedish BI and Analytics team. She is passionate about the power of data and what is achievable when insights are spread within an organization and acted upon. With 25 + years in IT, she's had various roles - in sales, as a consultant and as a manager.

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Jussi Uusitupa

Data Scientist, Innofactor Finland

Jussi Uusitupa is a Data Scientist at Innofactor. He enjoys the feeling that comes from providing business value in novel ways, which in his case, follows from using data in an innovative way. He is inspired to see how the data science field continually becomes more accessible and useful in serving business needs. His toolbox includes e.g. Python, Microsoft Azure services and Power BI.

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Ville Vakkilainen

Director, Projects & Analytics

Ville has been working in the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem for the past 15 years and has 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He works closely with Microsoft both in Finland and globally and enjoys nurturing partner relations with different parties. Ville aspires to help organizations digitalize their processes with the support of tools; be that the Lead-to-Oder-to Cash-process or the Idea-to-Market process. He's motto in the fast-paced digitalizing world is: Never stop learning.

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