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Healthcare and Welfare

Your journey to becoming a modern healthcare and welfare organization starts here.

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Digitalization is inevitable in healthcare and welfare industry

Healthcare and welfare industry is facing multiple changes. 

  • Low birth rates combined with longer life spans means that increasingly large retired populations need to be cared for by a smaller workforce. This creates a need for huge improvement especially in the care of chronic diseases, as their prevalence increases with age.
  • Wealth of online medical information and services available to patients changes the traditional relationship between patients and physicians. Patients expect to be able to participate in the care decisions – including where, when and how they receive care. Consumerism is a trend present everywhere in our society and not even public healthcare is immune to it.
  • Digitalization of our society has changed patient expectations towards almost real-time rapid responses, personalized services and convenient access.
  • Advanced analytics, cloud, IoT and other new technologies enable radically new possibilities to plan and deliver care.

These changes present a significant need for healthcare organizations to rethink how they operate and deliver their services so that these may be offered more equally and effectively leverage digital channels and cloud technology.

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We'll help you to build a modern digital healthcare organization and provide your customers personalized healthcare and welfare services

The modern healthcare and welfare organization provides its customers personalized healthcare and welfare services, increases healthcare professionals' productivity and makes their daily work more meaningful. It leverages self-service and the latest productivity tools and improves operational efficiency through business process digitalization and data-driven real-time decision making.

Our vision of a modern digital healthcare organization is based on years of experience in serving public and private healthcare organizations. We help our customers to shape their own vision of modern healthcare and build a digital healthcare organization by providing solutions and services that address the needs and challenges of each of the three key healthcare and welfare target audiences: Customers and patients, healthcare professionals and support functions and management of healthcare organizations.


Our Customer Stories in Healthcare and Welfare

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More Personal Digital Customer Experience

Provide your patients with a new more personal and engaging customer experience

  • Customers have increasing expectations to receive service on their terms, regardless of time and place
  • Seamlessly coordinated digital and physical care services are important for patient engagement and therapy adherance

Our expertise

  • Innofactor has proven track-record in helping customers design and implement visually compelling, easy to use social and welfare services.
  • Our solutions help to increase patient engagement in their own treatment process and to increase the quality of care.

Solutions and services

  • Patient self-service
  • Digital care path design
  • Chat & Remote Appointment
  • Appointment booking

Higher Operational Productivity

Get a holistic 360-view to your customers throughout the organization and increase efficiencies by digitalizing your processes with our services

  • Healthcare and welfare organizations operate in an increasingly competitive environment and their operational efficiency is under scrutiny both in the private as well as the public sector.
  • Under these circumstances it's important to have a holistic customer understanding and the ability to continuously improve operational processes.



Our expertise

  • Innofactor has years of experience in working with Nordic healthcare and welfare organizations helping customers to improve their visibility to operations and achieve higher productivity through implementing modern cloud based productivity solutions

Our solutions and services

  • Customer Relationsip Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Quality Management Solutions (e.g. for ISO 9001 organizations)
  • Public Sector Case Management
  • GDPR Compliant Personal Data Log Management

Modern Employee Experience

Empower healthcare professionals by making their work easier and more meaningful

  • Self-service, the ability to engage patients remotely through remote appointment solutions and chat and modern productivity tools enable healthcare professionals to focus on the essential.
  • This leaves them more time to focus on demanding cases and professionally motivating work.

Our expertise

  • Innofactor has strong competencies in helping customer organizations modernize their employee experience and onboarding employees to the use of new solutions through training and engagement programs.

Our services and solutions

  • Patient self-service
  • Chat & video appointments
  • Secure and mobile productivity and collaboration tools for healthcare professionals
  • Training and engagement programs for e.g. O365, mobile work and collaboration

Secure Cloud Platform

Create a flexible, secure and cost efficient cloud platform for your healthcare services, taking GDPR requirements into account

  • Todays modern IT-services are increasingly cloud based.
  • Healthcare and welfare organizations have a particular interest to ensure that their cloud transformation is comprehensively managed and executed with the highest level of information security.

Our expertise

  • Innofactor has leading Nordic expertise with transferring customer services and infrastructure to the cloud and providing customers with managed cloud services and continuous development.
  • We also have leading solutions for GDPR compliant personal data log management for healthcare and welfare organizations.

Our solutions and services

  • Design, Implementation and adoption of cloud services
  • Managed Cloud Services and Continuous Development
  • Cloud Security, Governance and DevOps Design
  • GDPR Compliant Log Management of Personal Data

Data-Driven Business

Transform your operations from reactive treatment to proactive and predictive care by leveraging preventive diagnostics and advanced analytics

  • We believe that the collection and analysis of customer health information will form the basis of operations and decision making in future health care organizations.

Our expertise

  • Innofactor has designed and deployed environments that enable the storage of patient data in a secure and managed way, as well as the collection and analysis of health data using IoT measurement devices.
  • We also provide analytics solutions that support the healthcare and welfare organization's support and management functions in their daily decision making.

Our solutions and services

  • BI solutions supporting health service organization management decision making
  • IoT solutions for remote health data measurement and analysis
  • Advanced Analytics leveraging AI and Machine Learning for healthcare operations and applied medical research

Some of our products and solutions for healthcare and welfare industry organizations

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