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Project Management

Ensure project success and profitability and optimize the use of resources across your project operations

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More business through successful projects

A modern organization needs an effective solution to ensure resources are available for your projects, the projects are on time and on budget, and the effort is evenly distributed. If you work with customer delivery projects we will help to ensure that the entire process from lead to cash is effective.

Best project management tools will:

  • Help you organize your resources
  • Support the process from end to end (From lead to cash or from an idea to market)
  • Enable flexible collaboration within the project team
  • Support budgeting and tracking
  • Enable you to enter billable work and perform customer billing
  • Are intuitive to use
  • Allow for easy integration with your existing solutions

Why Innofactor?

Our core competencies are delivering and maintaining project and project portfolio management solutions, and support for the development of Project and Portfolio management processes. We also work with the Lead to Cash process when talking about customer delivery projects delivered by your organization. We can implement a solution as a cloud service or an on-premises solution, depending on your needs.

You can try the Dynamics 365 PSA or Project Online-solution without any hardware investment and committing yourself to long-term license purchases. During the trial period your organization can easier understand about which solution fits your organization.

Innofactor OnePoint for Project delivery model provides a fixed-price deployment project template (Request a Quote) to your organization that gives you a ready-made, tailored Project Online / Dynamics 365 PSA-solution.

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