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We share a Nordic working culture with a twist of having fun.

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Innofactor has its origins in entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for solving complex puzzles

The growth of Innofactor is based on small start-up originated companies joining together to create Nordic player in the Microsoft community. We have around 20 years of history behind us and an exciting future as a recognized Nordic company in front of us. Our employees are the ones who have enabled the fast growth from a small start-up to Nordic stock-listed company. Innofactor company culture is based on resilience and tenacity to complete what we start. We encourage our people to take responsibility, innovate and collaborate to create new solutions. We also know how to have fun and take life as an exciting adventure.

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Innofactor's consultants play an important role as they engage with our customers in a variety of projects. They support our customers in adopting and making the most of new technologies and enterprise solutions to maximize business performance. Our solutions are concentrated on Microsoft technology and focus on topics ranging from digitalization, cloud, service design to the implementation of CRM and ERP systems. Our consultants are highly skilled professionals who have a deep understanding of our customers' business.

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Our everyday heroes, the developers, have the exciting role of working both on Innofactor's own products as well as building our customers' solutions. They are a mix of young talents and senior professionals who are passionate about continuous learning and creating high quality code. Our developers work with a variety of technologies, such as .NET, HTML & CSS, SPA-libraries (Vue.js, React or Angular), C#, ASP.NET MVC, Node.js and Azure PaaS.

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Managed Cloud Services

Innofactor is responsible for managing several customers' cloud services. These are mainly offered via Azure, but we also use our own data warehouse. Our managed services team plays a critical role in ensuring high quality service for our customers. In the team, you have the opportunity to grow to a role of the top expert of cloud-based services.

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Customer Support

Our customer support team is responsible for ensuring timely and high-quality support for the services that we provide. We want to offer our customers the best possible customer experience. Our customer service team is recognized by their excellent competences and passion for serving the customers the best possible way. Innofactor has two customer services teams, one in Finland dedicated to Finnish customers and one in Sweden, dedicated to serving customers in other Nordic countries.

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Project and Service Managers

In addition to software developers, we have both project and service managers at Innofactor. In these roles the experience varies from recently graduated to senior experts. As a project or service manager, your career starts typically from a role of a project or service coordinator. In these positions you have an opportunity to work closely with our customers and create first class digital solutions which help our customers to run their businesses and operations.

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At Innofactor we have for example solution sales manager or account executive roles. You can kickstart your career in sales by starting as a Junior Sales Manager or Sales Trainee. Our sales teams are working with a bunch of interesting customers both in public and private sectors. With us, you have an opportunity to learn sales from inside out.

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The role of marketing and communications is to make sure that our customers and other stakeholders receive the latest information regarding Innofactor's offering. Marketing and Communications is divided into group and country functions. The group team is responsible for Nordic content, events, marketing activities and brand. Country marketing have responsibility of the local reach. Innofactor marketing is focused on using the opportunities of modern digital marketing.

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Product Development

Product development is responsible for creating Innofactor's own products and business. Our intention is to develop solutions, which support customers and maximize their business value. In Product development roles, employees need to combine a deep customer understanding with the opportunities of modern technology. Our products are intented for Nordic market, which makes this team international in scope.

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Management and Support Functions

Innofactor has a great variety of both management and support roles. Innofactor is listed in stock exchange, which means that we have interesting support function positions both at the Group level and in Business Unit or Country level. At Group level we have a team of approximately 30 people working in four different countries. Support function roles cover Finance, Human Resources, internal ICT, legal and quality functions. As a growing organization we have many interesting development projects, which are focused on supporting the growth and improving the way we work.


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