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Innofactor's Contact Register

Here you'll learn, how we handle the personal information of customers, partners, subcontractors and other constituencies.

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How we handle the personal information of customers, partners, subcontractors and other constituencies

Innofactor maintains a register of contact persons for its customers, partners, subcontractors and other constituencies and processes their personal data for several purposes. In all matters relating to the register, you can contact

The purposes of the processing are

  • Identifying and contacting the person as a company representative
  • Ability to follow social media posts
  • Categorization of companies and leads
  • Maintaining a buyer persona for roles
  • Maintaining a marketing score to better target offerings
  • Maintaining direct marketing opt-outs
  • Arranging events
  • Providing professional services to our customers
  • Asking for stakeholder feedback and input to Innofactor's sustainability strategy and activities

The legal basis for the processing are

  • The legitimate interest of Innofactor and its B2B contacts to be in personal contact
  • The legitimate interest of Innofactor to do B2B marketing
  • Consent for subscriptions to mailing lists and other voluntary lists
  • Processing is necessary for compliance with legal obligations related to services offered by or procured by Innofactor
  • Processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims

As part of the processing, personal data is transferred to several recipients including

  • Innofactor's marketing partners
  • Event organizers
  • Microsoft cloud services – note that while the data is stored within the EEA, it may be occasionally viewed and handled from outside the EEA under Microsoft's GDPR terms and conditions.

The personal data is retained at least for as long as the B2B relationship exists, or a legitimate interest of one of the parties remains.

Furthermore, some personal data may be on record in confidential company records such as tenders, contracts, book keeping, and receipts. These are retained based upon applicable legal and statutory requirements.

You have the right to

  • Request to see your information. Note that most information is processed as part of a confidential B2B relationship and cannot be disclosed without affecting the rights to confidentiality of Innofactor, its partners or customers.
  • Request to correct or remove your information (the right to remove information is limited by legal requirements to retain information)
  • Request the handling of your information to be frozen due to incorrectness, in case our reason for processing your information is not justified, the information is no longer needed, or you object to profiling or direct marketing
  • To exercise your right to object to processing your information, you may send a request to, after which we will process your request within reasonable time
  • Transfer your information to another data processor, if possible
  • Launch a complaint with the supervisory authority in case you believe your rights have been violated.

To reach Innofactor's Data Protection Officer, contact