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Quality & Management Solutions

Deliver safer, more effective products and manage your ISO certificates with a proven QMS solution

Quality management QualityFirst

Quality management is more than error detection and avoidance. It is about process and service improvement. The ultimate goal of quality management is that your customers will receive a better service or product. Modern organization ensures that:

  • QMS solutions used are user-friendly and easily connected to existing IT infrastructure
  • Customers are included in the QMS process, enabling cross-organizational success and genuine customer-centricity
  • QMS-led process implementations are monitored ensuring that employees are supported wherever needed
  • Reporting and visual analytics empower decision-makers to operate more effectively based on visualizations rather than sole numbers

Choosing the right quality and management solution – most common pitfalls and how to avoid them! 

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Why Innofactor

Innofactor's offering includes solutions for managing e.g. contracts, quality, information security, environmental and brand documentation, electronic archive, information management system, and electronic meeting solution. The solutions enhance organizations' decision-making processes. We offer the following benefits for your organization:

  • Find different document types in any language with efficient search functionalities
  • Utilize comprehensive version and access control, lock-up functions and auditions
  • Archive documents automatically according to the electronic archive format requirements

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