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Secure and Scalable SQL Database Powered by Azure

Azure SQL database

Does your organization have Windows or SQL Server 2008?

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Run your SQL database securely and cost-efficiently from Microsoft Azure

Benefit from an enterprise-grade, secure SQL server as-a-service infrastructure that is cost-efficiently run from Microsoft Azure. If you haven't, now is the best time to migrate your database to the cloud. Doing so will offer you several benefits, such as:

  • powerful scalability
  • improved cost-efficiency on operating costs
  • effortless monitoring
  • automated point-in-time backups
  • easy maintenance
  • secure, available with multi-regional backups

Modernize your database and achieve improved performance and compliance

Achieve improved compliancy and cost-efficiency with features such as:

  • Load management: manage fluctuations in load
  • Intelligent scaling and application insights
  • Geographical scaling
  • Set up new instances quickly
  • Powerful possibilities for queries
  • Azure's SQL server helps you to get and stay compliant

Safe cloud migration with professional support from the leading partner

There is hardly any reason to run all your databases from your own servers. With today's modern and efficient migration tools, best practices and your partner's support and experience, it is easier than ever. Transitioning the DB to the cloud gives you additionally a great opportunity to simplify your database landscape for database efficiency.

Innofactor can help you get started by setting up your Azure SQL environment according to the best practices. Additionally, we can make trial deployments so that you can verify your cloud database infrastructure and migrate to the cloud at your own pace. Contact us and get advantage of the limited time offer for on-prem SQL customers!

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